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[SCIENCEBASE-6501] - "original metadata" shows up under files that aren't metadata (.sd files)
[SCIENCEBASE-6502] - citation tag shouldn't be added to item
[SCIENCEBASE-6536] - Elasticsearch upgrade similarity type
[SCIENCEBASE-6885] - Not prompting to create extensions when uploading a shapefile
[SCIENCEBASE-6900] - Shortcutted Items are being displayed as native items from the Parent Item show page
[SCIENCEBASE-6952] - SD files using the old file path
[SCIENCEBASE-6967] - Bad date gives unhelpful and incorrect error message
[SCIENCEBASE-6975] - File Inventory failed - duplicate key - mongodb error
[SCIENCEBASE-6979] - Footprinter modal window not clickable
[SCIENCEBASE-7008] - Vocab: click on Vocab and receive unexpected System error
[SCIENCEBASE-7011] - Large File Uploader is not reporting correct file size
[SCIENCEBASE-7023] - ScienceBase - out of disk space
[SCIENCEBASE-7026] - Advanced Search - Tags - I do not get any drop downs under tags
[SCIENCEBASE-7035] - Item File inventory fails on duplicate key error (mongodb)
[SCIENCEBASE-7036] - Directory - Search Parties not distinguishing any public items
[SCIENCEBASE-7038] - Directory- People search -First Name, Middle Name and Last Name do not work
[SCIENCEBASE-7040] - Catalog - Search from the main screen - All tags gets an error
[SCIENCEBASE-7041] - Catalog - Communities search - get an error on the community view
[SCIENCEBASE-7044] - Unable to Add Associated Links on Beta
[SCIENCEBASE-7045] - Folder Search does not work
[SCIENCEBASE-7048] - Fix spacing issue on folder destination picker
[SCIENCEBASE-7052] - New AGS are not being created
[SCIENCEBASE-7053] - Unable to add a user to JOSSO from Resources
[SCIENCEBASE-7055] - Investigate stacktrace when clearing and reindexing items
[SCIENCEBASE-7075] - TNM Query no longer functional

[SCIENCEBASE-6138] - Setup a postgres exporter
[SCIENCEBASE-6936] - myUSGS - Directory Regression test

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6807] - Complete Re-Index of Remaining Footprint Items
[SCIENCEBASE-6856] - When sideloading large file into S3 bucket, populate the file size on the SB item
[SCIENCEBASE-6951] - Upgrade Elasticsearch on vocab and directory
[SCIENCEBASE-6958] - Design and prototype a SB public search UI
[SCIENCEBASE-7024] - Create initial Search UI - Part 1
[SCIENCEBASE-7042] - Manage Permission allows non-USGS/non-Publisher user to select Inherited Permission from Parent when parent is public

[SCIENCEBASE-6242] - Implement a better application secret provider
[SCIENCEBASE-6604] - Monitoring: Instrument apache
[SCIENCEBASE-6617] - Monitoring: JMX/JVM monitoring on tomcat nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-6698] - Review Access Model
[SCIENCEBASE-6881] - Change all service account passwords (need password rotation plan)
[SCIENCEBASE-6888] - IPDS Implementation Step 3: Map all existing IP values in DR items into this table, linking back to item IDs.
[SCIENCEBASE-6890] - File Access/Storage: First Steps with Connecting to File Content Stored at EROS
[SCIENCEBASE-6917] - SB2 model changes to accommodate move to SB3
[SCIENCEBASE-6918] - Create new environment in CHS
[SCIENCEBASE-6921] - determine how to daisy chain authentication
[SCIENCEBASE-6922] - Move to GitLab
[SCIENCEBASE-6929] - Part II: Elastic Upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6935] - UI/UX: Change item icon
[SCIENCEBASE-6964] - Testing in dev for elastic 5.6.x upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6966] - Deploy 2.140.0
[SCIENCEBASE-6969] - Investigate why AGS Services are stopping
[SCIENCEBASE-6970] - Investigate the WAF issue (pySB failing on file upload)
[SCIENCEBASE-6973] - Fix the existing for SEO that aren't being rendered into the page
[SCIENCEBASE-6980] - Make elastic index name configurable in Vocab
[SCIENCEBASE-6981] - Make elastic index name configurable in Directory
[SCIENCEBASE-6983] - Testing in dev for elastic 5.6.x upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6984] - Update AWS access keys for config
[SCIENCEBASE-6986] - File Access/Storage: First Steps with Connecting to File Content Stored at EROS
[SCIENCEBASE-6987] - Deploy fileupload app to DEV-is kubernetes cluster
[SCIENCEBASE-6990] - Set up Kubernetes ingress controller for internal access
[SCIENCEBASE-6991] - Create S3 Bucket for file-upload app
[SCIENCEBASE-6992] - Implement Coreos/dex on ESIP
[SCIENCEBASE-7006] - Monitoring: Detach jmx-exporter to a separate process that connects to tomcat's jmx port
[SCIENCEBASE-7010] - Remove dynamic mappings
[SCIENCEBASE-7016] - Rework ElasticIndicesConfig.groovy that pulls the mappings off to separate files
[SCIENCEBASE-7017] - Security Follow- Up: Public Item Permission Inheritance Fixes
[SCIENCEBASE-7022] - Create and update selenium tests from elastic upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-7029] - Upgrade elastic on prod
[SCIENCEBASE-7030] - Run performance tests for Elastic Upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-7034] - Mercury Metrics

[SCIENCEBASE-6854] - External Config Jenkins job
[SCIENCEBASE-6945] - Tech Talk (TNM Backup / Fail Over Options for SB Search)
[SCIENCEBASE-6972] - Search Boosting
[SCIENCEBASE-6985] - Search Boosting