Confluence Retirement

Due to the feedback from stakeholders and our commitment to not adversely impact USGS science activities that Confluence supports, we are extending the migration deadline to January 2023.

In an effort to consolidate USGS hosted Wikis, myUSGS’ Confluence service is targeted for retirement. The official USGS Wiki and collaboration space is now SharePoint. Please migrate existing spaces and content to the SharePoint platform and remove it from Confluence at your earliest convenience. If you need any additional information or have any concerns about this change, please contact Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
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[SCIENCEBASE-6501] - "original metadata" shows up under files that aren't metadata (.sd files)
[SCIENCEBASE-6502] - citation tag shouldn't be added to item
[SCIENCEBASE-6536] - Elasticsearch upgrade similarity type
[SCIENCEBASE-6885] - Not prompting to create extensions when uploading a shapefile
[SCIENCEBASE-6900] - Shortcutted Items are being displayed as native items from the Parent Item show page
[SCIENCEBASE-6952] - SD files using the old file path
[SCIENCEBASE-6967] - Bad date gives unhelpful and incorrect error message
[SCIENCEBASE-6975] - File Inventory failed - duplicate key - mongodb error
[SCIENCEBASE-6979] - Footprinter modal window not clickable
[SCIENCEBASE-7008] - Vocab: click on Vocab and receive unexpected System error
[SCIENCEBASE-7011] - Large File Uploader is not reporting correct file size
[SCIENCEBASE-7023] - ScienceBase - out of disk space
[SCIENCEBASE-7026] - Advanced Search - Tags - I do not get any drop downs under tags
[SCIENCEBASE-7035] - Item File inventory fails on duplicate key error (mongodb)
[SCIENCEBASE-7036] - Directory - Search Parties not distinguishing any public items
[SCIENCEBASE-7038] - Directory- People search -First Name, Middle Name and Last Name do not work
[SCIENCEBASE-7040] - Catalog - Search from the main screen - All tags gets an error
[SCIENCEBASE-7041] - Catalog - Communities search - get an error on the community view
[SCIENCEBASE-7044] - Unable to Add Associated Links on Beta
[SCIENCEBASE-7045] - Folder Search does not work
[SCIENCEBASE-7048] - Fix spacing issue on folder destination picker
[SCIENCEBASE-7052] - New AGS are not being created
[SCIENCEBASE-7053] - Unable to add a user to JOSSO from Resources
[SCIENCEBASE-7055] - Investigate stacktrace when clearing and reindexing items
[SCIENCEBASE-7075] - TNM Query no longer functional

[SCIENCEBASE-6138] - Setup a postgres exporter
[SCIENCEBASE-6936] - myUSGS - Directory Regression test

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6807] - Complete Re-Index of Remaining Footprint Items
[SCIENCEBASE-6856] - When sideloading large file into S3 bucket, populate the file size on the SB item
[SCIENCEBASE-6951] - Upgrade Elasticsearch on vocab and directory
[SCIENCEBASE-6958] - Design and prototype a SB public search UI
[SCIENCEBASE-7024] - Create initial Search UI - Part 1
[SCIENCEBASE-7042] - Manage Permission allows non-USGS/non-Publisher user to select Inherited Permission from Parent when parent is public

[SCIENCEBASE-6242] - Implement a better application secret provider
[SCIENCEBASE-6604] - Monitoring: Instrument apache
[SCIENCEBASE-6617] - Monitoring: JMX/JVM monitoring on tomcat nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-6698] - Review Access Model
[SCIENCEBASE-6881] - Change all service account passwords (need password rotation plan)
[SCIENCEBASE-6888] - IPDS Implementation Step 3: Map all existing IP values in DR items into this table, linking back to item IDs.
[SCIENCEBASE-6890] - File Access/Storage: First Steps with Connecting to File Content Stored at EROS
[SCIENCEBASE-6917] - SB2 model changes to accommodate move to SB3
[SCIENCEBASE-6918] - Create new environment in CHS
[SCIENCEBASE-6921] - determine how to daisy chain authentication
[SCIENCEBASE-6922] - Move to GitLab
[SCIENCEBASE-6929] - Part II: Elastic Upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6935] - UI/UX: Change item icon
[SCIENCEBASE-6964] - Testing in dev for elastic 5.6.x upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6966] - Deploy 2.140.0
[SCIENCEBASE-6969] - Investigate why AGS Services are stopping
[SCIENCEBASE-6970] - Investigate the WAF issue (pySB failing on file upload)
[SCIENCEBASE-6973] - Fix the existing for SEO that aren't being rendered into the page
[SCIENCEBASE-6980] - Make elastic index name configurable in Vocab
[SCIENCEBASE-6981] - Make elastic index name configurable in Directory
[SCIENCEBASE-6983] - Testing in dev for elastic 5.6.x upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-6984] - Update AWS access keys for config
[SCIENCEBASE-6986] - File Access/Storage: First Steps with Connecting to File Content Stored at EROS
[SCIENCEBASE-6987] - Deploy fileupload app to DEV-is kubernetes cluster
[SCIENCEBASE-6990] - Set up Kubernetes ingress controller for internal access
[SCIENCEBASE-6991] - Create S3 Bucket for file-upload app
[SCIENCEBASE-6992] - Implement Coreos/dex on ESIP
[SCIENCEBASE-7006] - Monitoring: Detach jmx-exporter to a separate process that connects to tomcat's jmx port
[SCIENCEBASE-7010] - Remove dynamic mappings
[SCIENCEBASE-7016] - Rework ElasticIndicesConfig.groovy that pulls the mappings off to separate files
[SCIENCEBASE-7017] - Security Follow- Up: Public Item Permission Inheritance Fixes
[SCIENCEBASE-7022] - Create and update selenium tests from elastic upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-7029] - Upgrade elastic on prod
[SCIENCEBASE-7030] - Run performance tests for Elastic Upgrade
[SCIENCEBASE-7034] - Mercury Metrics

[SCIENCEBASE-6854] - External Config Jenkins job
[SCIENCEBASE-6945] - Tech Talk (TNM Backup / Fail Over Options for SB Search)
[SCIENCEBASE-6972] - Search Boosting
[SCIENCEBASE-6985] - Search Boosting