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[SCIENCEBASE-6957] - Unable to edit the help blurb on manage permissions
[SCIENCEBASE-7005] - Fix Minor 'Update Metadata' Bug
[SCIENCEBASE-7019] - Unable to add the Browse Type of Report tag on Prod
[SCIENCEBASE-7021] - MatchPhraseQueryBuilder issue in directory
[SCIENCEBASE-7058] - implement unique constraint on user + role to prevent duplicate memberships
[SCIENCEBASE-7062] - Vocab MissingMethodException SearchRequestBuilder.addFields()
[SCIENCEBASE-7063] - Vocab: bad call to CategorySearchService.indexCategory()
[SCIENCEBASE-7065] - ExtentReindexJob - not_x_content_exception
[SCIENCEBASE-7066] - StackOverflow during ItemExtentIndexJob
[SCIENCEBASE-7069] - Incorrect (cached) list of terms on a vocabulary page
[SCIENCEBASE-7100] - Search facets not returning correctly

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7067] - Provide messaging to the user that item is not public

[SCIENCEBASE-6605] - Monitoring: grails app postgres connection health metrics
[SCIENCEBASE-6937] - Cleanup CatalogMaps Error Logging and Exceptions
[SCIENCEBASE-6947] - Use new ArcGIS Server site for new services
[SCIENCEBASE-6950] - Create aliases for elasticsearch indexes
[SCIENCEBASE-6962] - Tech talk discussion for Improving Google Search Results
[SCIENCEBASE-7020] - Communicate to Users that their public myItems will be private
[SCIENCEBASE-7056] - Black Pearl Tech Talk
[SCIENCEBASE-7061] - Fix beta elasticsearch memory usage
[SCIENCEBASE-7081] - Next Steps for Google Search Improvements
[SCIENCEBASE-7104] - Add Jira Integration to gitlab projects
[SCIENCEBASE-7112] - Deploy 2.141.0

IT Infrastructure Change

[SCIENCEBASE-7088] - Migrate BASIS+ Relay to new environment