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[SCIENCEBASE-6504] - Minor bug in "manage anonymous access links"
[SCIENCEBASE-7004] - Team Develop and Debug: SB DR team -- Resolve DOI bugs
[SCIENCEBASE-7064] - Catalog Search Error: Two sibling aggregations cannot have the same name: [tagNameForTypeOrScheme]
[SCIENCEBASE-7087] - TIF Uploads Causing Errors / Not Processing Properly
[SCIENCEBASE-7102] - Update metadata is wiping out distributor phone number
[SCIENCEBASE-7111] - SB SysAdmin unable to edit or create new top-level folders
[SCIENCEBASE-7165] - Vocab - category name not being handled properly

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7047] - Continued work on Search UI
[SCIENCEBASE-7054] - WRET Vocab Support: Next Steps
[SCIENCEBASE-7105] - Elastic hit based endpoint for an Item (maybe /catalog/items/<itemId>)
[SCIENCEBASE-7177] - Prototype Black Pearl - Initial Testing

[SCIENCEBASE-6679] - Investigate best practices for successful Test Driven Development
[SCIENCEBASE-6911] - Update footer for JOSSO Login
[SCIENCEBASE-6965] - Create transition document for /home users
[SCIENCEBASE-7009] - Change Catalog's start up alert to point to slack instead of hipchat
[SCIENCEBASE-7051] - Move sciencebase monitoring alerts from hipchat to slack
[SCIENCEBASE-7072] - Deployment logistics for sb services in the cloud
[SCIENCEBASE-7084] - Create aliases for elasticsearch indexes - Continued
[SCIENCEBASE-7086] - NDC Dashboard: Determine if it is using myUSGS/home API
[SCIENCEBASE-7089] - Set up new Machine
[SCIENCEBASE-7093] - Resolve CHS scan issues for Kubernetes nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-7094] - Add nginx ELB to CloudFormation Template
[SCIENCEBASE-7101] - Update the User Agreement to reflect the new publishing policy
[SCIENCEBASE-7113] - Deploy 2.142.0
[SCIENCEBASE-7125] - Update resources service account passwords
[SCIENCEBASE-7126] - Setup Mac
[SCIENCEBASE-7127] - Review bitbucket and gitlab
[SCIENCEBASE-7131] - setup Mac
[SCIENCEBASE-7133] - Add permanent setting to disable swap on elastic nodes
[SCIENCEBASE-7138] - Aggregate queries for DDOS attack
[SCIENCEBASE-7160] - Fix problem with updating SD facets

[SCIENCEBASE-7003] - PySB: Generate working code snippet to Pythonically apply Metadata Harvest tags for OAIPMH
[SCIENCEBASE-7106] - Add facetName to Item JSON
[SCIENCEBASE-7107] - Add title for preview image (previewImage.original.title) from the ItemFile
[SCIENCEBASE-7124] - Fix StackOverflow in ItemPermissionsService for Recursive Item (parentId and id are the same)
[SCIENCEBASE-7135] - palisade blocker for configurable list of strings in queryString