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[SCIENCEBASE-7033] - Directory - User Mgmt - searching
[SCIENCEBASE-7057] - Directory: Added 2 of the same group to a user and can't rid of it
[SCIENCEBASE-7122] - Directory: Bulk adding users does not create the proper username
[SCIENCEBASE-7130] - Directory: as a community manager when I click on a user name there is 2 delete buttons
[SCIENCEBASE-7155] - Directory - As a community manager it will not consistently allow me to add/delete users to a group
[SCIENCEBASE-7195] - Directory: Unable to create a new USGS user
[SCIENCEBASE-7196] - Directory: No signature of method error when adding a new USGS user

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-6768] - MyUSGS: Change navigation of Manage on Overview Page
[SCIENCEBASE-7059] - Directory: Need sponsor field exposed for non-USGS DOI USERS
[SCIENCEBASE-7108] - API does not allow specifying sponsor when creating DOI (non-USGS) user
[SCIENCEBASE-7156] - Directory - Authentication errors when adding or deleting users in a group fail silently, add a message to inform the user

[SCIENCEBASE-6926] - myUSGS: url should update the location
[SCIENCEBASE-7037] - Directory: Unable to reset password once it has expired.
[SCIENCEBASE-7050] - myUSGS-Home - END of Nov deprecate Home Nov 30th
[SCIENCEBASE-7074] - Directory: On users search tab include includeInactive=true

[SCIENCEBASE-6799] - myUSGS: add pagination on the Groups tab for Users list
[SCIENCEBASE-7046] - Directory - creating a new community - once created I get a table that shows no groups
[SCIENCEBASE-7103] - Directory: Title for the Sponsor of a New User