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[SCIENCEBASE-7109] - Stack trace errors on BASIS harvest
[SCIENCEBASE-7173] - Permissions/Indexing issue - User views much smaller child item list
[SCIENCEBASE-7179] - New AGS services are not being created on new Server after deploy
[SCIENCEBASE-7186] - Unexpected System Error when accessing a task
[SCIENCEBASE-7190] - Unravel Bulk Job Processing Errors
[SCIENCEBASE-7194] - WRET Level 3/Level4 tags browse type are not displaying the correct tag scheme
[SCIENCEBASE-7198] - Unexpected System Error accessing item
[SCIENCEBASE-7200] - Anonymous access token not working in some circumstances
[SCIENCEBASE-7201] - Cleanup Failing Unit Tests In Catalog

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7049] - Prototype Black Pearl - S3 sync
[SCIENCEBASE-7145] - Cloud Deploy: Deploy for Python web service apps (with CI)
[SCIENCEBASE-7146] - Cloud Deploy: Deploy for React Apps (or any Single Page Application) (with CI)

[SCIENCEBASE-6961] - Tech Talk Discussion on Monitoring Capabilities with CSAS&L
[SCIENCEBASE-7110] - Investigate the API capabilities for vocab
[SCIENCEBASE-7123] - Run script to remove public permissions in My Items
[SCIENCEBASE-7132] - Review and Improve ScienceBase Uptime Monitoring, Status Endpoints, Accounting for ScienceBase Dependencies in other workflows/apps
[SCIENCEBASE-7153] - Flask REST service app for deploy testing PT 2
[SCIENCEBASE-7154] - Flask REST service app for deploy testing PT 1
[SCIENCEBASE-7183] - Deploy ScienceBase 2.143.0
[SCIENCEBASE-7189] - Verify the Black Pearl AWS S3 Replication capabilities

[SCIENCEBASE-7095] - Fix some embedded microdata in
[SCIENCEBASE-7137] - Search Service App (for Public Search)
[SCIENCEBASE-7168] - (placeholder) catalog REST services improvements needed by search-ui