Blog from June, 2018

ScienceBase Version 2.152.0 Released 2018-06-14

[SCIENCEBASE-7420] - Item Hidden Properties remain after Item has been deleted (and shouldn't)

[SCIENCEBASE-7395] - Complete search deploy in cloud
[SCIENCEBASE-7399] - Document plan for upgrading SB2 to work with the latest files API and uploader
[SCIENCEBASE-7402] - Add ORCID Search filter to advanced SB3 search form
[SCIENCEBASE-7403] - Implement rule for ORCID import from AD
[SCIENCEBASE-7404] - Script to update Contact's name with ORCID on existing SB items
[SCIENCEBASE-7412] - Deploy 2.151.0
[SCIENCEBASE-7415] - Add links to view audit json to SB for UX
[SCIENCEBASE-7419] - Add monitoring for metrics
[SCIENCEBASE-7421] - Default to have the rich text enabled on body when editing item

[SCIENCEBASE-7393] - Add the Ability to Query ScienceBase by IPDS#
[SCIENCEBASE-7411] - Clean up SD service refresh
[SCIENCEBASE-7416] - Add link to large file uploader in file tab
[SCIENCEBASE-7417] - Pass an error/message on files > 50MB when using PySB replace_file method

ScienceBase Version 2.151.0 Released 2018-06-01

[SCIENCEBASE-4302] - Incorrect permissions on directory parties
[SCIENCEBASE-6472] - URISyntaxException in DOI code
[SCIENCEBASE-7118] - Directory: Querys for People, Parties and Org Text and logo needs fixed
[SCIENCEBASE-7397] - auto-complete is not working on manage permissions
[SCIENCEBASE-7414] - auto-complete is not working on manage permissions

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7396] - create script to fix/update permissions for parties in directory

[SCIENCEBASE-7078] - Determine if readme files in Gitlab are updated to help Systems team support SB team
[SCIENCEBASE-7391] - Add orcId to the elastic index config.
[SCIENCEBASE-7406] - ArcGIS Service process hanging
[SCIENCEBASE-7413] - Python Functional test is failing

[SCIENCEBASE-6215] - Add in 'Import Contact by ID' feature to PySB
[SCIENCEBASE-7392] - 'Data Release' Category Type is Being Dropped When Refining Search Results
[SCIENCEBASE-7394] - Don't display contact details on catalogParty view page if private flag is enabled in directory

ScienceBase Version 2.150.0 Released 2018-05-22


[SCIENCEBASE-6503] - Who tab: Autocomplete does not work on Point of Con
[SCIENCEBASE-6850] - Edits / Minor Bug Resolution in Item 'Edit' Page
[SCIENCEBASE-7032] - Advanced Search: Contact Name Like does not work
[SCIENCEBASE-7360] - Edit form - You are able to save an item as a child item to itself.
[SCIENCEBASE-7370] - Enable ck editor when user clicks a button on the edit form
[SCIENCEBASE-7371] - Update Where ScienceBase Looks for GeometryServer Service
[SCIENCEBASE-7382] - Add file does not route to files tab
[SCIENCEBASE-7383] - Who tab: Next And Previous does not work on Contact Type if field is populated
[SCIENCEBASE-7387] - My Folder button on Pick a Destination does not work


[SCIENCEBASE-6579] - Remove the ability to upload from Drop-box from large file uploader
[SCIENCEBASE-7381] - Create a Jenkins Job for SB elastic replication
[SCIENCEBASE-7389] - Investigate SB heap dump on 5/15/18

[SCIENCEBASE-7332] - Allow a .csv File to be Opened Directly From an Item
[SCIENCEBASE-7374] - Meet with Product Owner to Discuss UI Improvements - Placeholder for Dev Actions
[SCIENCEBASE-7375] - Add pagination to the Audit history json
[SCIENCEBASE-7377] - Improve Error Message when Save Destination is not selected
[SCIENCEBASE-7378] - Allow the Ability for a USGS Person in ScienceBase Directory to be Made Private

ScienceBase Version 2.149.0 Released 2018-04-30

[SCIENCEBASE-7327] - Import from URL (Build Item from GitHub Page) Not Working
[SCIENCEBASE-7336] - CSW Not Working for USGIN Partner
[SCIENCEBASE-7361] - Fix broken gov.sciencebase.task.basis.BasisItemReaderTest.FetchBasisXMLFiles test in Catalog
[SCIENCEBASE-7364] - ScienceBase no longer recognizes and scrapes ISO-19115-2
[SCIENCEBASE-7376] - catalog-inventory: ItemFileInventory fails with duplicated key

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7265] - Query and create user-role memberships by username and role name
[SCIENCEBASE-7318] - Enable ScienceBase Audit History to be Accessible via JSON

[SCIENCEBASE-7015] - EROS url linking to item for file downloads from EROS
[SCIENCEBASE-7273] - Restart jmx_exporter monitors on tomcat systems
[SCIENCEBASE-7294] - Create a separate app for catalog-inventory which runs the file inventory job(s)
[SCIENCEBASE-7301] - Deploy backend to
[SCIENCEBASE-7312] - Deploy public-search-service to
[SCIENCEBASE-7313] - Deploy public-search-ui to
[SCIENCEBASE-7323] - Create a Jenkins Job for SB elastic replication
[SCIENCEBASE-7325] - Metrics Pruning
[SCIENCEBASE-7338] - Deploy SB version 2.149.0
[SCIENCEBASE-7345] - Document the Apache Log Collector
[SCIENCEBASE-7346] - Document the Metrics application
[SCIENCEBASE-7347] - Document the Black Pearl
[SCIENCEBASE-7352] - Modlfy Cloud Watch Alarm for database Cloud metrics
[SCIENCEBASE-7353] - WAF harvest transition
[SCIENCEBASE-7354] - Files Inventory Transition
[SCIENCEBASE-7355] - Black Pearl Transition
[SCIENCEBASE-7356] - Metrics transition
[SCIENCEBASE-7357] - BASIS harvest transition
[SCIENCEBASE-7358] - Transition Files API
[SCIENCEBASE-7359] - Update S3 keys
[SCIENCEBASE-7362] - Create the deploy job for the Inventory App and Deploy
[SCIENCEBASE-7363] - Troubleshoot the metrics page

[SCIENCEBASE-7366] - Run apache log collector on the same week from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
[SCIENCEBASE-7369] - User Reporting Error from S3 Download Link on ScienceBase Item