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* [SCIENCEBASE-7441] - As a SB stakeholder, I need to report on the SB System file metrics

* [SCIENCEBASE-7398] - Review and modify files-api flask app to fit in with the current vision
* [SCIENCEBASE-7405] - Create Search Results Wireframe
* [SCIENCEBASE-7435] - Review and update pysb documentation
* [SCIENCEBASE-7445] - Search Service: Secure Item GET to prevent unauthorized access to items.
* [SCIENCEBASE-7449] - Handle token refresh and logout if expired in React apps like Search UI
* [SCIENCEBASE-7456] - Identify/Execute the Next Steps for new SB3 home
* [SCIENCEBASE-7471] - Advanced Search Cleanup
* [SCIENCEBASE-7475] - Attach Large File from Black Pearl Storage to ScienceBase Item
* [SCIENCEBASE-7476] - Update dev-is signer aws access credentials
* [SCIENCEBASE-7480] - Add new file model
* [SCIENCEBASE-7481] - Research ORM to the files-api (SQLAlchemy)
* [SCIENCEBASE-7482] - Add presigning of upload/download URLs to the files-api
* [SCIENCEBASE-7483] - Upgrade React and Refactor Auth to use Context
* [SCIENCEBASE-7484] - Restore/re-implement Gitlab CI/CD for running branches of search-ui for FQA testing before merging
* [SCIENCEBASE-7487] - Add file model to files API
* [SCIENCEBASE-7498] - Deploy files-api to dev-is
* [SCIENCEBASE-7507] - Implement batch updates to pySB script for ORCID updates
* [SCIENCEBASE-7518] - Search Service: Gitlab CI Testing, Alpha Deployment, Faster Beta deployment, etc

* [SCIENCEBASE-7439] - Change Default Date Range to longer than 6 months