Blog from October, 2018

ScienceBase Version 2.159.0 Released 2018-10-03

* [SCIENCEBASE-7319] - When using "Add Black Pearl files..." store location is incorrect when there is an extension
* [SCIENCEBASE-7530] - Incorrectly linking an S3 file to an item causes incorrect JSON
* [SCIENCEBASE-7648] - Unable to add a S3 file to a New Item that has not been saved

New Feature
* [SCIENCEBASE-7039] - Add a captcha to the s3 download page

* [SCIENCEBASE-7556] - Add the Files Upload app to the Catalog Status Page

ScienceBase Version September Released 2018-09-30

* [SCIENCEBASE-7611] - advanced search - fix issue with sort method/order overriding each other
* [SCIENCEBASE-7613] - Files: S3 Amazon storage: If outside the DOI network you recive and Error 
* [SCIENCEBASE-7617] - User Unable to Log Into ScienceBase
* [SCIENCEBASE-7624] - troubleshoot orcid script 
* [SCIENCEBASE-7643] - New SB3 UI - As a SB user not logged in/logged in I am not able to perform an Advanced search in IE 
* [SCIENCEBASE-7644] - New SB3 UI - Advanced Search - Enter key after entering query creates page not found

New Feature

* [SCIENCEBASE-7558] - Add the ability to search by ORCID in the S3 Advanced Search form
* [SCIENCEBASE-7559] - Add the Ability to Search for USGS Data Release the S3 Advanced Search Form
* [SCIENCEBASE-7610] - Parse weblinks from the FGDC metextns/onlink section

* [SCIENCEBASE-7609] - NGTOC Metadata Needs (Scrape & Display Info from Metadata Extension)

* [SCIENCEBASE-7430] - Change ItemFile model so download URIs work via IDs/UUIDs
* [SCIENCEBASE-7446] - Search Service: Gitlab CI Testing, Alpha Deployment, Faster Beta deployment, etc
* [SCIENCEBASE-7452] - Refactor Search criteria model
* [SCIENCEBASE-7519] - Deploy files-api to dev-is
* [SCIENCEBASE-7550] - Add Search by Geometry to S3 Advanced Search 
* [SCIENCEBASE-7551] - Add Search by place to S3 Advanced Search
* [SCIENCEBASE-7553] - Add Operators to the searches in the Advanced Search form
* [SCIENCEBASE-7569] - catalog files from s3 object created events
* [SCIENCEBASE-7573] - Design discussion for SB search model 
* [SCIENCEBASE-7574] - Design discussion for SB3 item model
* [SCIENCEBASE-7575] - Review the state of Search for SB3 and SageDAT
* [SCIENCEBASE-7579] - Prepare for GraphQL ARB review
* [SCIENCEBASE-7616] - Deploy SB 2.158.0
* [SCIENCEBASE-7619] - Move 87 files out of the Amethyst Vein System into its child item. 
* [SCIENCEBASE-7620] - Set up development environment for SB Files
* [SCIENCEBASE-7621] - Replace the hasura calls in files-api to hit the new grails-gorm api
* [SCIENCEBASE-7626] - Files UI-API-DB-API-deploy
* [SCIENCEBASE-7627] - Files UI-API-DB-API-deploy to staging
* [SCIENCEBASE-7650] - FQA: Testing: S3 download failing
* [SCIENCEBASE-7655] - Front end UI: User can upload a shapefile and see shapefile metadata
* [SCIENCEBASE-7658] - FQA: Test: SCIENCEBASE-7648: Unable to add a S3 file to a New Item that has not been saved

* [SCIENCEBASE-7517] - SB3 - Advanced search - Date filter not working
* [SCIENCEBASE-7537] - Deploy process for (/etc/appconfig) configuration files for beta/prod services in the cloud.
* [SCIENCEBASE-7614] - Config setup for testing search-service with Gitlab CI (on kube)

ScienceBase Version 2.158.0 Released 2018-09-13

* [SCIENCEBASE-6335] - NPE with file downloads: Cannot get property 'fileName' on null object
* [SCIENCEBASE-7557] - Unable to add a Black Pearl file to a New Item that has not been saved
* [SCIENCEBASE-7567] - Bad bounding box in OGC facet gives incorrect error message
* [SCIENCEBASE-7618] - S3 download failing

* [SCIENCEBASE-7429] - Implement batch updates to pySB script for ORCID updates

ScienceBase Version August Released 2018-08-31

* [SCIENCEBASE-7605] - Create prod SB elasticsearch copy of public items in Prod-IS
* [SCIENCEBASE-7606] - Deploy sbSearch service to Prod-IS
* [SCIENCEBASE-7607] - Deploy sbSearch UI to Prod-IS

* [SCIENCEBASE-7448] - Basis+ issue with subtasks as a child of the incorrect projectID
* [SCIENCEBASE-7479] - Full Index (without delete?) deletes index without configuring a new index
* [SCIENCEBASE-7497] - File processing is causing 429s and 400s and ignoring them
* [SCIENCEBASE-7566] - New search ui is not working in IE 11 or edge.
* [SCIENCEBASE-7568] - orcid keyword in elasticsearch index

New Feature

* [SCIENCEBASE-7541] - styling file list view (css-grid vs material-ui)
* [SCIENCEBASE-7542] - Create File View component
* [SCIENCEBASE-7565] - Deploy ScienceBase 2.157.0
* [SCIENCEBASE-7577] - create an AuthContext using react context api for files (pair)

* [SCIENCEBASE-7563] - FQA: SCIENCEBASE-7531: s3-service is not monitored on catalog status page
* [SCIENCEBASE-7604] - Deploy SB3 Search to

* [SCIENCEBASE-7425] - Add OIDC (Keycloak) authentication to files-api
* [SCIENCEBASE-7450] - Start Files UI
* [SCIENCEBASE-7451] - Whiteboard Files UI
* [SCIENCEBASE-7453] - Initial code review of new Advanced Search UI
* [SCIENCEBASE-7454] - Add lucene search capability on the New Advanced Search form
* [SCIENCEBASE-7455] - Add Max/Offset to New Advanced Search form
* [SCIENCEBASE-7491] - Deploy files-api to dev-is
* [SCIENCEBASE-7492] - Next Steps on SB3 home page
* [SCIENCEBASE-7493] - Make SB3 home page mobile responsive
* [SCIENCEBASE-7508] - Use sdkman for docker-grails image
* [SCIENCEBASE-7510] - Add caching for gitlab kubernetes runners
* [SCIENCEBASE-7520] - SB3_Advanced Search: type ahead for Contact and Tag is not working
* [SCIENCEBASE-7525] - Fix footer on SB Search UI
* [SCIENCEBASE-7526] - Add a Photo Collections powered by ScienceBase page
* [SCIENCEBASE-7527] - Whiteboard Files UI
* [SCIENCEBASE-7533] - Deploy NDC Dashboard version 2.x
* [SCIENCEBASE-7534] - Deploy ScienceBase 2.156.0
* [SCIENCEBASE-7535] - Add missing search features from current Advanced Search to new Search UI
* [SCIENCEBASE-7538] - Create File list view component
* [SCIENCEBASE-7539] - Create upload component
* [SCIENCEBASE-7548] - Filter My Files view by user_id
* [SCIENCEBASE-7549] - Set up underlying GraphQL-enabled PostgresDB
* [SCIENCEBASE-7554] - Generate presigned urls for uploads
* [SCIENCEBASE-7560] - MVP for upload progress reporting
* [SCIENCEBASE-7564] - Use the apollo cache for storing a users files
* [SCIENCEBASE-7602] - Deploy files-api to dev-is

* [SCIENCEBASE-7521] - New SB3 home improvments
* [SCIENCEBASE-7536] - Use CloudWatch for Search Service ( logs
* [SCIENCEBASE-7603] - SB3 - Advanced search - Date filter not working
* [SCIENCEBASE-7608] - Deploy process for (/etc/appconfig) configuration files for beta/prod services in the cloud.

ScienceBase Version 2.157.0 Released 2018-08-23

* [SCIENCEBASE-7532] - Turn off debug logging in production for s3-service

* [SCIENCEBASE-7509] - Streamline the process for attaching a Black Pearl file to a ScienceBase item
* [SCIENCEBASE-7531] - s3-service is not monitored on catalog status page