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* [SCIENCEBASE-7545] - Create prod SB elasticsearch copy of public items in Prod-IS
* [SCIENCEBASE-7546] - Deploy sbSearch service to Prod-IS
* [SCIENCEBASE-7547] - Deploy sbSearch UI to Prod-IS

* [SCIENCEBASE-7699] - Duplicate Key exception when creating folders on file creation request

* [SCIENCEBASE-7544] - Deploy SB3 Search to

* [SCIENCEBASE-7496] - Type files triggered by file receive event
* [SCIENCEBASE-7622] - Deploy files-ui to Dev-IS beta
* [SCIENCEBASE-7630] - Front-end: Identify files that are approved for download
* [SCIENCEBASE-7633] - Back-end API: Provide download URLs
* [SCIENCEBASE-7652] - Front-end: Set up route to load file details at a permanent URL
* [SCIENCEBASE-7675] - Tech talk on Permission Structure for folders/community
* [SCIENCEBASE-7696] - FQA: Test: SCIENCEBASE-7683: S3 download Error when user is not on the DOI network
* [SCIENCEBASE-7698] - Deploy SB Files to a staging Url
* [SCIENCEBASE-7700] - Bucket management in files-ui/api
* [SCIENCEBASE-7705] - Bucket management in files-ui/api
* [SCIENCEBASE-7708] - Design: Permission Structure for folders/community
* [SCIENCEBASE-7709] - Switch node projects to npm with .npmrc
* [SCIENCEBASE-7710] - Create tests for files-ui components
* [SCIENCEBASE-7733] - catalog files from s3 object created events

* [SCIENCEBASE-7680] - Audit logging for SB Files DB API
* [SCIENCEBASE-7681] - Database migration (SQL install/deploy process) for files-db-api
* [SCIENCEBASE-7682] - files-db-api - add support for multiple Buckets, refactor keys
* [SCIENCEBASE-7695] - fix breadcrumbs for folders and root directory