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  • ScienceBase Version 2.148.0 Released 2018-03-30
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[SCIENCEBASE-7314] - Item Add S3 Files Compounds Files Added On Consecutive Adds
[SCIENCEBASE-7316] - Body text disappearing in edit mode
[SCIENCEBASE-7321] - CSS issue under Child Item
[SCIENCEBASE-7335] - Error: Save Failed on the upload of .sd files
[SCIENCEBASE-7340] - Jenkins Job Cleanup and Verification

New Feature
[SCIENCEBASE-7259] - Search Service: Copy "public" version of the extents index to the cloud
[SCIENCEBASE-7329] - Developer can deploy directory-ui

[SCIENCEBASE-7253] - After file is uploaded into S3, an event is fired to let SB know (Publish s3:ObjectCreated:* events onto SQS)
[SCIENCEBASE-7274] - Document the WAF processing workflow for TNM
[SCIENCEBASE-7279] - Deploy ScienceBase 2.147.0
[SCIENCEBASE-7280] - Rework selenium_tests to work with a headless chromedriver within a container and get tests working in Gitlab CI
[SCIENCEBASE-7281] - Report a Problem link should not require the User to login
[SCIENCEBASE-7295] - Delete unused communities and roles in SB directory
[SCIENCEBASE-7303] - Add S3 files signing to the Files API
[SCIENCEBASE-7306] - Determine Metrics Data Strategy
[SCIENCEBASE-7307] - UI Work For Black Pearl "Add Files"
[SCIENCEBASE-7311] - public-search-service in GitLab CI
[SCIENCEBASE-7337] - Deploy SB Version 2.148.0
[SCIENCEBASE-7341] - Update Basis+ Harvester Credentials
[SCIENCEBASE-7344] - Basis+ Harvester - Check logs
[SCIENCEBASE-7349] - Document the BASIS relay process
[SCIENCEBASE-7351] - Create a separate app for catalog-inventory which runs the file inventory job(s)

[SCIENCEBASE-7204] - Segregate SB Status Page