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State Wildlife Actions Plan (SWAP)

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies has identified the need to compile information from the State Wildlife Action Plans in a comparable way to facilitate coordination and collaboration of conservation action between states and across regions and the country.

USGS Involvement

The USGS CSS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis (CSAS) Program has built a framework to compile the Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) from the State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAP) submitted by each state and territory in the United States. A process that included extracting species names from the SWAPs, developing computer generated comparisons, and consulting with taxonomic authorities has resulted in a list of species for each state that will allow comparisons and summaries between states to occur. 

This site documents the process through which these SGCN lists have been created and are being maintained and updated.

Note: The state agencies are already completing revisions of their SWAPs, which introduces differences from the reported information that was used to develop this tool. The feedback received from each state's SWAP coordinators (or relevant personnel) regarding its SGCN list and any other comments or recommendations is also recorded here w/ the appropriate responses and actions by USGS personnel.


The SGCN data cleanup and list generation process is documented here. The data files/SGCN lists are linked to the process as well.

SWAP Tools

Please visit and  to see the lists and tools (screenshots below) provided by USGS.

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