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mdEditor allows users to seed (or start to populate) a record using an existing ScienceBase (SB) Record. 

The set of letters and number after /item/ is your SB ID number in the example below the SB ID number is 505bc673e4b08c986b32bf81.



  • Copy the SB ID number out of the URL, paste it into mdEditor, and then click the "Retrieve SB record" button



Your record will be populated with as much data from ScienceBase as the app can pull for you:.


Saving a Copy of Your Record as an mdJSON File


If you save a copy of your mdJSON (See "Saving a Copy of Your Record as an mdJSON File) you can upload that file back into the app later and continue working on that the item.Up

  • To upload a copy of your work click on the "Choose File" (1)
  • Select your file from your computer (2)
  • Open the file (3)




You 'll now will see that a copy of your file has been added to the app and the relevant fields have been appropriately filled out.


NOTE: If you make more changes, please remember to save a new copy of your work.