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The following FAQ was developed to help RFP applicants after the recent CDI RiskMap Risk Map workshop held on January 17-18, 2018.


The proposal guidance this year states “The FY18 CDI RFP has a topical emphasis and encourages submissions …  in the specific focus area of risk assessment and hazard-exposure.” Our USGS leadership saw an opportunity to build upon the existing Department of Interior (DOI) RiskMap Risk Map Project and leverage the CDI Request for Proposals (RFP) to work together and improve USGS risk research potential.

What is the difference between the Department of Interior (DOI) RiskMap Risk Map Project, the CDI RiskMap Risk Map Project, and CDI RFP-funded projects with the risk theme?

The DOI RiskMap Risk Map Project, initiated in FY17, funds a USGS team to directly work with DOI emergency managers to create actionable information and delivery mechanisms for specific DOI planners. The CDI RiskMap Risk Map Project is a current project funded by the CDI that will develop modular, transferable tools and services that will benefit the USGS community and its other partners. CDI RFP-funded projects are small seed projects that may contribute to the wider USGS risk research potential and build upon the existing CDI RiskMap Risk Map Project.

I am not sure if my proposal fits into the risk assessment and hazard vulnerability focus, can you define the topic?


The CDI coordinator will work with the different projects, including the existing CDI RiskMap Risk Map Project team to identify connections and ways to share lessons and outputs from separate teams available to anyone interested. This process will probably include one to two web calls during the project period.


Attendees at the recent CDI RiskMap Risk Map workshop (January 17-18, 2018) came up with the following ideas for gaps that the CDI RFP could possibly fill: