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As an individual metadata author, will I need to use the USGS Persistent Identifier Registration (PIR) Tool to generate a unique, persistent identifier (PID) for my metadata, and then place that identifier in my metadata record?

For most many of you, the answer is NO.

Most USGS repositories and metadata aggregation managers have determined that they will provide this service to you when you submit your final metadata and data files for release.


The chart below details the responsible party for assigning a PID to a metadata record.

If your data and metadata are submitted to….

…the repository/data system will generate your metadata identifier and insert it in your final metadata record

…YOU will need to generate your metadata PID and insert it appropriately in your metadata record prior to sending it to your repository/data system

ScienceBase (through the SB Data Release process)


Alaska Science Center Repository


Coastal & Marine Geoscience Data System


Water NSDI Node





X - for data released in Earth Explorer*

X - for all other EROS data releases*

National Geospatial Program / The National MapX

Approved non-USGS repository (metadata must be submitted by you to the Individual Metadata Upload (IMU) Tool)


If your repository/data system is not listed here, contact the manager of that system to determine how they intend to proceed with assignment of metadata persistent identifiers.

*More specific guidance will be communicated directly to EROS staff by Earth Explorer and EROS metadata WAF managers.