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Sample data is categorized "Public" when all of the following are true...

  • Sample data has passes passes all of the automated BioData data - validation tests
  • The Project Profile has been reviewed and accepted
  • The project Study Reach for the sample has been reviewed and accepted
  • The Sample collection information has been reviewed and accepted (on sample data entry screen)
  • The Sample is flagged as "unrestricted" using the Analysis Status Code in the sample header (on sample data entry screen)
  • Taxon id/count records have been input for community (invert, fish, algae) samples
  • All of the taxon id/count records have been reviewed and accepted (in Review Taxa Records tab)

Sample data is categorized "Project Staff" when...

  • any of the above items have not been reviewed and accepted
  • the sample is flagged as "internal" or "proprietary" using the Analysis Status Code in the sample collection data entry screen information header.

Sample data is categorized "Data Steward" when...

  • BioData's automated data-checking routines detect invalid or erroneous data


None of the samples for your project will be available to anyone but the project staff until the Project Profile has been reviewed and accepted. So get this out of the way before you worry about reviewing individual samples.

  • fix any project profile validation errors flagged by system
  • enter any missing data
  • correct any typo's
  • review the project abstract - this is published as a description of the project. Make sure it's good.
  • When you are done set the Review Status Code to "Reviewed and Accepted".


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