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At the February 13, 2013 CDI Monthly Meeting, Kevin Gallagher announced 7 proposals that will be funded in FY13.  

At the August 14, 2013 CDI Webinar Series, Kevin Gallagher announced an additional 3 proposals that will also be funded. 









Metadata Wizard

Drew Ignizio – FORT

Colin Talbert – FORT

Mike O’Donnell FORT

Aaron Freeman - FORT

Improve metadata creation efficiency for GIS users


myScience: Citizen Science

Sally Holl - Texas Water SC

Megan Hines - UW-Madison

Deanna Terry, John Gordon, Justin Robertson - TX Water SC; Scott Horvath, Liz Colvard – OCAP; Tim Kern – FORT; Sky Bristol – CSAS

Develop USGS wide Citizen Science project inventory


Land Use Land Cover GDP

David Blodgett – CIDA

Meredith Warren - CIDA

Thomas Kunicki, Jordan Walker - WI Water  SC; Jennifer LaVista – OCAP; Philip Morefield – EPA; Jamie Collazo – NC State Univ.; Lauren Hay – NRP; Gary Rowe - Water/NAWQA; Tom Sohre – EROS; Emily Fort – NCCWSC

Integrate US/Global LULC data into GeoDataPortal (GDP)


California Climate Commons

Lorraine Flint - CA Water SC

David Blodgett - CIDA

Jordan Walker - WI Water/CIDA; Michael Fitzgibbon, Deanne DiPietro, Zhahai Stewart, Doug Moody - PRBO Conservation Science; Stuart Weiss - Creekside Center for Earth Obs.

Develop methodology to provide access to isolated, high value, large climate data using GDP


NLCD Visualization Tool

Collin Homer - EROS

Christopher Barnes - EROS

Joyce Fry, Jon Dewitz, Richard Vandersnick, Wyatt Anderson – EROS; Nate Herold, Brian Hadley - NOAA Coastal Services  Center

Facilitate access to and visualization of NLCD data without GIS software


Data Management Workshops


Viv Hutchison - CSAS

Heather Henkel - St. Petersburg C&M SC; Lisa Zolly, Michelle Chang – CSAS;  Tom Burley - Texas Water SC; Tom Chatfield – BLM; Carly Strasser - Cal Digital Library; Robert Cook - Oak Ridge National Lab

Bureau wide training using existing CDI DM toolbox


Mining USGS Data Landscape


Lance Everette - FORT

Susan Skagen - FORT

FORT Web Application Development Team

Develop tool to maintain USGS data assets


Extraction of Mine Features


Greg Fernette – Central Minerals and Environmental Resources SC

Peter Schweitzer – Eastern MERSC

Carma San Juan - CMERSC

James Burt – U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Greg Lee - CMERSC

Automate extraction of mine features from historical topo maps to create digital dataset


USGS Protocol Library

Dan Sullivan - WI Water SC

Jacque Schei – PNAMP

Kathy Schoephoester – CIDA

Cheryl Buchwald – WI Water SC

Mary Bucknell – CIDA

Develop common framework for protocol information (NEMI)


Evaluation of downscaled Global Climate Models


Andy Bock – CO Water SC

Lauren Hay & Steve Markstrom – National Research Program

Gail Montgomery & Tim Kern - FORT

Roland Viger & Gregory McCabe – NRP

Develop methodology and data products for enhancing monthly water balance model


Proposal Review Process

Read about how the CDI FY13 review process was conducted here.



The FY2013 RFP has closed. Thank you for your submissions.

Please send any questions regarding this RFP to

Click here to download the PDF.


nameCDI FY13 Request for Proposals (RFP).pdf