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September 5, 2012

Goal: The purpose of the online only CDI Webinar Meeting is to engage and inform the Community and other interested individuals about the CDI Science Support Framework, FY12 projects currently underway, and plans for FY13 in lieu of a face to face meeting. Participants will learn about a variety of CDI science support activities, products, and tools through presentations and demonstrations.


Abstract: This project focuses on implementing client-side HTML5 compliant Canvas layer raster imagery processing that would work in any HTML5 standard compliant browser. The goals are to provide the ability to Ability to calculate basic statistics for visible map images (e.g. count per pixel color, total area per pixel color); to generate zonal statistics based on polygon features from a vector layer - user drawn or rendered from a remote source (e.g. display imagery "clipped" to a user drawn polygon and calculate statistics on the output); to generate new raster composites from existing data sources and to allow pixel-based raster algebra using raw imagery or other composites as inputs (e.g. user could view land cover data above a certain elevation and calculate statistics on the output).  Candidate datasets include land cover (National Land Cover Data, Chesapeake Bay Land Cover Data Series, Chesapeake Resource Lands Assessment Data and other raster layers for restoration/preservation priority decision making. The primary element of the CDI Science Support Framework that this CDI-funded project and its products focus on is the Applications element. 


11:00 – 11:30    Semantic Technologies for Integrating USGS Data

Janice Gordon, Core Science Analytics and Synthesis (CSAS)