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Volunteers who contribute in the Challenge area will be recognized on this page and also tweeted on The National Map Twitter account. Contribute to The National Map by participating in Mapping Challenges!

titleMapping Challenge Updates - Courthouses Completed?!

6/1918 -------------------------------------------------------------

Courthouses - Finished!

It looks to us like courthouses may be finished (for now)! If you notice something missing in a state that hasn't been reviewed yet (i.e. hasn't turned yellow), make sure to add it.

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who participated in this pilot project!!! We will be rolling out recognition badges for participation in collecting courthouses soon.

Image Added

titleMapping Challenge Updates - Courthouses: ALMOST FINISHED!

6/13/18 -------------------------------------------------------------

Courthouses - We're almost there!

Here is an updated status map showing the courthouse points collected to-date. We are so close to wrapping up courthouse collection. Help us finish up Arkansas, and if you're up for it, glance around and make sure all counties were collected in the states that aren't yellow yet.

If you're new to this, make sure to check out the courthouse section of our user guide for an overview of this pilot project and editing guidelines.

And be on the lookout for some recognition badges designed to specifically recognize those who've contributed to our pilot study!