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    • Log in to the DMP site as shown above
    • Click on "DMP list" to see all of the DMPs that you have access to 


  • From the DMP List page, click on the Project Name title. 
  • To edit the DMP show page, click Edit. 
  • To delete a DMP, click X Delete
  • To delete a record within the DMP, click on the record located in the "Records" section (as shown above) to open it.
  • Then click on Delete and this will Delete just this record within the DMP

Adding Co-PIs

  • From the the  DMP List show page , click on the Project Title to edit the DMP

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  • Next click on Edit
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  • In drop-down arrow in the Co-PIs field, click on the drop-down arrow PI field to see if the Co-PI is in the list or begin typing the name to locate to see if the Co-Pi existsyour screen shot cuts off the drop-down arrow. 
  • If you need to add more than one Co-PI, click on the plus icon under the Add Co-PI box and add another
  • If the Co-PI does not exist in the drop-down list, select + Add New Co-PI   add instructions on how to create new C-PI
  • Click "Update" when you are finished to save your additions
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  • After you add a Co-PI, you may receive a warning message that the Co-PI does not have a DMP Editor Account or edit permissions.  Add a screen shot.  If the Co-PI needs access to the DMP, please request an account or request edit permission.  See instructions on how to do that.  You can add a link to where those instructions are here.  


Once that person receives their USGS user name and password they will be able to edit your DMP.


need instructions on how to add a new record. 


Creating a New DMP


  • Log in

  • Click on DMP List


  • Fill in all of the sections that pertain to your DMP 
  • Then click on "Update" to save your information
  • To add more information in the future, follow the instructions for editing an existing record above
  • Each category has a description of what should be entered there under the title

Downloading a DMP PDF


  • To download a PDF of your DMP click on "Download PDF" in the top right corner and a PDF file of your DMP will be downloaded to your computer's download folder
  • As the DMP moves through the different phases of the project life cycle, there will be multiple versions of the DMP available to download.  You can also delete these versions by clicking on the trashcan icon. 
  • add a screen shot of this.