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Requesting a New DMP User Account

If you do not have  

  • To request a user account



  • You will be taken to a page like this: 
  • Fill in all of the requested information and you will be sent an email select Submit.  You will receive an email from myUSGS within 24 hours with your new user account information.

Forgotten Password

  • If you forget your login password, simply click on the "For technical support" green "click here" link below and fill out the form that you will be taken to as shown below.     
  • Submit Fill out the form by clicking in the bottom right corner and you will get an email to update your password. and submit the form. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from myUSGS with your new password.  

How to Log Out

  • To log out when you are finished with your DMP information, click on "Logout" in the top right corner of the page


  • Next, either click on the drop-down arrow or begin typing the name of the Co-PI, to see if they are already in the list 
  • If the Co-PI does not exist in the drop-down list, select + Add New Co-PI 
  • You will be directed to a page that looks like the one below.  If they already have a USGS an account the information will automatically populate when you enter their email address.
  • If they do not have a USGS email addressan account, you will need to fill in all of the required information and then click on "Create" in the bottom left corner
  • If you need to add more than one Co-PI, click on the +Add New Co-PI as many times as you need to
  • Click "Update" when you are finished to save your additions


  • After you add a Co-PI, you may receive a warning message that the Co-PI does not have a DMP Editor Account or edit permissions as shown below
  • If the Co-PI needs access to the DMP, please request an account or request edit permission by clicking on the blue bar shown below
  • See Instructions
  • For more information on how to do that can also be found at:request an account, see DMP Editor User Help below

Granting Permission to Designees

  • To give a person designee permission to edit your DMP,  add their email address to the box next to "Edit Permission Also Granted To"
  • If there is more than one person you wish to grant permission to, separate the email addresses with commas, click "Update" to save your additions


  • If the person you wish to add as a designee does not have a USGS email accountan account or edit permissions, you will receive a red warning message that the person does not have a DMP Editor Account.  
  • See instructions on how to request an account: DMP Editor User Help
    Once that person
  • receives their USGS user name and password they will be able to edit your DMP as wellThe user will receive a myUSGS email notification within 24 hours with their account information. 

Revoking Permission from Designees

  • To revoke permission that you have granted for someone to be able to edit your DMP, go to the line in the DMP editor that says from a designee, delete their email address from the "Edit Permission also granted to"
  • need pictures of this, but we don't have any fake DMPs that have any designees approved
  • Click on the person's name that you wish to delete from the group of editors 
  • This will highlight the person's name
  • Finally, click on Delete in the bottom left corner to delete them from your list of designees


  • field. 
  • Click on Update to save your changes. 


Creating a New DMP


  • Log in

  • Click on DMP List


  • Then click on "+New DMP"
  • Enter your project name
  • Click on "Create" on the lower left

Creating a DMP Word Template

  • To find a DMP template that will make creating your DMP simpler, go to:
  • Click on the word "here" under Data Management Plan Guidance
    Image Removed
  • This will open a word file Data Management Plan Template that can be edited, saved to your documents and then uploaded to the DMP editorContinue to fill out the information on the DMP show page including any CO-PIs and add any designee(s) you wish to grant edit permission to.  


Uploading a DMP Word Template

  • Once you have added all of your information to the DMP and saved it to your desktop or documents, go to the DMP title that you have already saved after following the directions above: DMP Editor User Help by choosing it from the "DMP List"
    Image Removed
  • Then to import your DMP word template, click on "Import records from document"If you are using the NCCWSC DMP word template for maintaining your plan, you can upload it to the DMP Editor tool. 
  • Click on DMP list and select New DMP.
  • Enter your project name.
  • Select the NCCWSC template.
  • Select Create.
  • In the Records section, select Import records from document. 
  • Next click on "Choose File," locate the file you saved and then click on "Import Records" to import it to the DMP Editor r  
  • When you do this This all of your DMP records will automatically populate to the DMP editor here: 
    Image Removed
  • You can always update the DMP as needed by uploading a new version of the DMP template
  • Whenever a new version of your DMP is saved on the DMP Editor, the version will be listed under the "Download PDF" tab in the upper right corner of the DMP Editor
  • New versions of the DMP are also saved at different phases of the project cycle like the
    and they will be located in the Records section. 
    Image Added

Adding a New Record


  • To add new records to a DMP that you have created, click on "Add Record"
  • Choose from Select your record type in the drop-down list for "Section" and then click on "Create"

  • Fill in all of the sections that pertain to your DMP Enter the information
  • Then click on "Update" to save your information
  • To add more information in the future, follow the instructions for editing an existing record above
  • Each category has a description of what should be entered there under the title
    Image Removed

Downloading a DMP PDF

  • To download a PDF of your DMP click on "Download PDF" in the top right corner and a PDF file of your DMP will be downloaded to your computer's download folder
  • As the DMP moves through the different phases of the project life cycle, there will be multiple versions of the DMP available to download.  You can delete these older versions by clicking on the trashcan icon. Do you still want to leave this or did we decide not to? add a screen shot of this.