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ShakeCast®, short for ShakeMap Broadcast, is a fully automated, freely-available open-source system for delivering specific ShakeMap products to critical users and for triggering established post-earthquake response protocols.

ShakeCast allows utilities, transportation agencies, and other large organizations to automatically determine the shaking value at their facilities, set thresholds for notification of damage states (typically green, yellow, and red) for each facility and then automatically notify (via pager, cell phone, or email) specified operators, inspectors, and others within their organizations responsible for those particular facilities in order to prioritize inspection and response.

The Document Database contains user manuals, workshop materials, reference presentations, software patches and much more, all to help keep your copy of ShakeCast running smoothly and successfully. For global ShakeMap scenarios to run using Shakecast, please visit ScienceBase: ShakeCast and click the 'Collections' link at the top of the page to access ZIP files for archived scenarios of hundreds of events.

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