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  • Overview of the concept and some major examples (could just be some wiki pages and links)
    • generic: code development, code sharing, code documentation, code publication
    • basics: version control
    • Client tools: Command-line vs. GUI-based tools for accessing software repositories
      • Tortise SVN (Can be used as single-user Win Desktop tool with no DB)
    • USGS services
  • Open-source: what does it mean??? Can I choose a point along the spectrum?
    • developing in the open, sharing as you go
    • accepting/moderating non-USGS contributions
    • working w/non-USGS moderators of a repository
    • free-for-all
    • USGS review/publication process
  • Policy on Software Release
  • Release Management (seems language specific, needs to be integrated into other parts of outline)
  • Language Specific:
    • Python:
      • SVNs, Stash, github
      • USGS-specific communities
        • Training Course - GW1774: Python Programming Language and Groundwater Modeling
      • other considerations: 
      • distribution/documentation/communication using iPython Notebook,,
      • environment configuration
        • getting other packages into your python environment
          • pypi, install_setup, easy_install, pip, gohlke binaries
          • *.pth files, PYTHONPATH, etc.
          • Enthought Package Distribution (EPD), Anaconda/conda/
          • getting things to work with arcpy
          • virtualenv, virtualenvwrappers
        • making code into packages
        • Working with IDEs
    • R programmers/users, USGS-specific considerations
    • Options for Java programmers
    • .NET
      • – an online .git repository (free for <5 users).   MS-centric, requires MS visual studio 2012 or higher.
      • MS visual studio has local git capabilities and can be configured to use github/gitorious 
      • Microsoft source forge is MS' traditional control source technology (requires dedicated infrastructure + licensing)
    • Web / HTML / JavaScript
  • Topic/Discipline specific