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  • Mapping Challenge Updates
  • New Interactive Challenge Map
  • Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere?
  • Blast from the Past: Past Newsletter Articles
  • American Fact Finder Tutorial
  • Happy Holidays!
  • Recognition


  • Mapping Challenge Updates
  • Volunteer Structures Suggestions
  • Volunteer Submissions
  • Cemetery Research and Guidance
  • Cities vs. Towns vs. Villages
  • (P)awesome TNMCorps Members
  • TNMCorps Puzzle
  • Recognition


  • What Structures would you like to see on The National Map?
  • Mapping Challenge Shout-out!
  • "Lots" of Zeros
  • Ensuring Data Completeness
  • Closer Look at the Layers List
  • Other USGS Citizen Science Projects
  • TNMCorps Puzzle: Word Search
  • May Puzzle Correction
  • Recognition


  • A Detailed Opportunity
  • New Mapping Challenge!
  • Neat Find: Zero for a Street Number
  • Authoritative Sources: Clues vs. Cues
  • Proper Use of the Address 2 Field
  • LTPZ's Son Places in Top 10 in Illinois GeoBee!
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 10: Colleges / Universities
  • TNMCorps Puzzle
  • Recognition


  • We’re Back!
  • Mapping Challenge Updates
  • New Editor Updates!
  • To Copy and Paste is to Err?
  • Volunteer Collaboration: RISailor and Cgibson
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 9: Schools
  • Rare Find: 4 High Schools in One
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • Recognition


  • (TNMCorps will not be releasing a January 2019 newsletter due to the shutdown)

    • Editing over the Holidays!
    • Volunteer Spotlight: virgilturner
    • Ditch the Digits: New Zip-Code Guidelines
    • Can't Find Data to Edit: Check out the Structure Finder!
    • Editor Roles and Point Colors
    • American Architecture Part 3
    • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 8: City/Town Halls
    • TNMCorps Puzzle
    • Recognition


    • Courthouse Badges are Here!
    • Volunteer Q&A: What's Your Favorite Structure to Edit
    • New Structure Feature! Introducing City/Town Halls
    • New Mapping Challenge: Texas Law Enforcement
    • American Architecture Part 2
    • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 7: Law Enforcement
    • TNMCorps Puzzle
    • Recognition


    • Courthouse Recognition Program
    • TNMCorps Team Q&A: What's Your Favorite Structure to Edit?
    • Introducing the TNMCorps Structure Finder
    • American Architecture
    • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 6: Ambulance Services
    • Reminder: Reach Out!
    • TNMCorps Puzzle
    • TNMCorps Team Corner
    • Recognition


    • Courthouse Pilot Project Update: Yellow Courthouses?
    • Taking a Bite out of History: Hinsdale County Courthouse
    • CartoPlaytime: Making Maps with our Data
    • Volunteer Spotlight: Cgibson
    • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 5: Hospitals
    • Newest Top Recognition Member: geo163
    • TNMCorps Puzzle
    • Recognition


    • Edited Points without an Edit History
    • Behind the Scenes: Feedback Emails
    • User Guide Issues with Google Chrome
    • Mapping Challenges
    • The Longest Place Name in the U.S.
    • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 4: Prisons / Correctional Facilities
    • TNMCorps Maze
    • Recognition


  • 2017: Year in Review
  • Fending off the Winter Blues
  • Courthouse Pilot Project
  • Making the Call
  • Resources Review
  • More than a Dot on the Map: Ouray County Courthouse
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 3: Fire Stations/EMS
  • Blast from the Past: Earth Science Corps
  • TNMCorps Cryptogram
  • Recognition




  • We are almost at 100K points! Help us get there by the end of the year!
  • The most recent mapping challenge is close to finished. Find out how to help us complete it and get recognize on The National Map Twitter!
  • Preschool and Kindergarten points should no longer be deleted.
  • Information on the "Save" comment box.
  • Fun with Fire Stations - some helpful information about editing Fire Stations.
  • Tips and Tricks - a few items that might help with the editing process.


  • NEW BADGES!! Yes, they are finally here. The new recognition badges will be a featured story on the main USGS Page ( tomorrow!
  • Cemetery Blues-a little help in researching and editing cemeteries
  • New Map Challenge! Looking for Law Enforcement points in Tennessee.
  • Tips and Tricks - a few items that might help with the editing process