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  • Check the FWS digital library first for FWS images. If one is not there, users are allowed to get public domain (not copyright) images and upload them to ECOS.    NOTE: we do link to the FWS digital library automatically on the public species profile if, a) there isn't an image uploaded for the species, and b) the user clicks on the no image icon.  In the future, it would be nice to leverage what the digital library has instead of storing images in ECOS.
  • Citations are helpful, but not required IF the image is FWS.  If the citation is public domain, citations are mandatory.   There have been cases where members of the public asked where we got images and being able to provide a citation will be required. Please add citations to the "Description or full citation of file" text box on the form.

To upload an image, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to ECOS ( and click on the "Species" application link.
  2. Search for a species by clicking the "Search species" link on the left navigation and typing a common or scientific name in the search box.
  3. From the result list, click the View/Edit button next to the species name.
  4. Click the "Manage uploads" link on the left navigation and select the "Upload New Image" link.
  5. Fill out as much of the form as needed.   Any items flagged with a red asterisks is are required. REMEMBER! You need to add a citation if the image is not FWS.
  6. The species should already be filled in, but you have the opportunity to add link additional species related to the uploaded image if desired.
  7. Click the "Upload Data" button.

That's it!  As long as the document is active, the image will show up in the following places: Internal Species Profile, EPM, and on the Public Species Profile.

Uploading Documents & Data