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HabITS 5  - version 5.3.0

Release date: March 18th, 2015


Manage Custom Species Lists in a full-page user interface

Custom species lists are useful to users who need to select from a common set of species when making associations to Accomplishments and Strategic plans. The interface for managing custom species list has been updated to improve the user experience, making it easier to create new lists and modify existing  lists

  1. Species list management takes place outside the mapper in the new HabITS system where the entire screen is dedicated to the Species List Management form.
  2. A list of Custom Species lists may be filtered and sorted.
  3. Any custom Species List that a user has privileges to use may be copied.
  4. An “Edit” button appears for each custom Species List, making it easier to understand how to edit a list
  5. A count of species appears in the listing of Species Lists, allowing users to see how large a list is
  6. Species that appear in the available species list display colored labels which distinguish between listing statuses
  7. A “Remove” button appears for each species in the custom list, making it easier to understand how to remove a species added
  8. Species selected for a list appear in alphabetical order
  9. Updated Navigation interface in HabITS 5 supports breadcrumbs and additional actions

HabITS 4 - version 4.6.6

Release date: March 18th, 2015


Updated navigation to manage Custom Species Lists

  1. The “Customization…” button in the “Tools” menu has a more precise label for “Manage Species Lists…”