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ScienceBase currently has an evolving item "browse type" classification based on harvested data sources. This is a fairly messy list with too many different concepts jumbled together, but it is presented here as work continues to refine the concept. Browse types in ScienceBase are essentially raw classification of incoming items that are generalized into into ScienceBase Categories. This list will change in future as the ScienceBase vocabularies are further developed.

  • Citation
  • ScienceBase Citation
  • Electronic Book Citation
  • Journal Citation
  • Report Citation
  • Thesis Citation
  • Book Citation
  • Conference Citation
  • Map Service
  • ScienceBase Information Article
  • ScienceBase Project
  • NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program Project
  • Document
  • News
  • OGC WMS Service
  • OGC WMS Layer
  • OGC WFS Layer
  • ArcGIS Map Package
  • ArcGIS REST Map Service
  • ArcIMS Catalog
  • ArcIMS Metadata
  • Shapefile
  • GeoTIFF
  • Raster
  • Static Map Image
  • Live Data
  • Offline Data
  • Downloadable
  • US Topo
  • Digital Map - Beta
  • National Map Digital Map - Beta
  • NGTOC Open File Report GeoPDF
  • High-Resolution Scanned Topo Maps
  • Low-Resolution Scanned Topo Maps PDF
  • Collection
  • Clearinghouse
  • BASIS+ Project
  • BASIS+ Task
  • BASIS+ Subtask

 Browse types are stored in the ScienceBase Vocabulary so that they can be easily edited as well as accessed through the Vocab API.

Click here to view the current list of browse types.