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  • Using RESTClient for Firefox to test syntax and load data

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The REST Client Add-On for Firefox is useful for testing the syntax of sbJSON packaged and presented to ScienceBase for loading and manipulating data. It provides a simple, visual way to be authenticated in ScienceBase and either .  A user can view how the REST services will behave under different scenarios or perform actual data management tasks that .  These tasks are only going to be used once and so where building a full application of some kind is not really necessary. The following example describes a real case where information was packaged and loaded into ScienceBase to create new items 

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Use Case: One-time load of item data to ScienceBase


To create a new item using the RESTClient for Firefox we first set the "Method" to "POST" and the URL to point at "". The "Accept" header header will be set to "Content-Type".  The value must now be set to "application/json" since we are sending JSON. We put our JSON package into the "Body." Very minimal information is needed to create a basic ScienceBase item - only a parentId, for which your user credentials have "write" access, and a title.