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placeholderSearch Surface Velocity Workgroup

Deploy and innovate with existing near-field non-contact surface velocity technologies. Enable and support appropriate use survey wide. Apply standard of quality the USGS stakes its name on.

About Us

During the past 3–4 years, staff from U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Water Science Centers, the National Research Program (NRP), and the Office of Surface Water (OSW) began experimenting with and adapting some new surface velocity measurement technologies. Hoping to aid in national coordination,  the OSW formed this work group on surface velocity measurements and their applications to Water Mission Area (WMA) programs. The Surface Velocity Workgroup (Surf Board, for short) aims to provide guidance to OSW that will likely lead to policy and procedure guidelines for the deployment and use of surface velocity methods Survey-wide. These novel techniques have a lot of potential to help the USGS move forward with new science. There are also a many pitfalls. A major goal of the Surf Board is to make the path forward clear for the USGS. 

Who We Are

We are a group of (mostly) volunteers from USGS Water Science Centers (WSC) across the United States, along with several collaborating International partners. Within the USGS, we represent the DOI Unified Regions, with each of us taking responsibility as the point of contact for our regions, as indicated in the map and table below. 



Org Unit/Location

Jeff KinseyNortheastNew England WSC

Russ Lotspeich


Virginia-West Virgina WSC

Frank Engel

Chair, Southeast

Oklahoma-Texas WSC / WMA Hydrologic Remote Sensing Branch

John Parks


Caribbean-Florida WSC

Allen Roberts


Virginia-West Virgina WSC

Elliot Sosa


Caribbean-Florida WSC

Josh Keele


Central-Midwest WSC

Kevin ObergMidcontinentCentral-Midwest WSC / WMA Hydrologic Networks Branch

John Fulton

Rocky Mountains

Colorado WSC

Terry Kenney

Rocky Mountains

Office of Quality Assurance

Carl LegleiterRocky MountainsGeomorphology and Sediment Transport Laboratory
Paul KinzelRocky MountainsGeomorphology and Sediment Transport Laboratory

Jay Cederberg


Arizona WSC

Heather BestNorthwest & AlaskaAlaska Science Center

C. Marcelo Garcia

National Univ. of Córdoba

Córdoba, Argentina

Antoine PatalanoNational Univ. of CórdobaCórdoba, Argentina

Elizabeth Jamieson

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Muluken YeheyisEnvironment and Climate Change CanadaOttawa, Ontario, Canada

Alexandre Hauet

Electricity of France

Grenoble, France

Our Purpose and Scope

Our group formed in 2016 to help guide the U.S Geological Survey in the application of Surface Velocity technologies for operational use (gaging mainly, but other uses too). We are working on Image Velocimetry and Velocity Radar applications. In short our purpose can be summarized as:

  1. Providing needed technical support and guidance on the application of surface velocity measurements: where and how do I use these technologies?
  2. Coordinating the evaluation and testing of new methods: how do we ensure efficiency, and that technical expertise is applied where needed?
  3. Communicating findings to Water Mission Area leads and USGS scientists: distill the message, distribute findings, cheerlead and advocate for proper use.

Read our full charter for further details: OSW Surf Board Charter 

DOI employees can visit our DOI-internal SharePoint Site: Surfboard Information Hub