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November 28, 2017: We are planning on releasing the Request for Proposals Guidance in December with a deadline for Statements of Interest at the end of January 2018.

This page describes the Fiscal Year 2018 Community for Data Integration (CDI) Request for Proposals (RFP). Through the annual CDI proposal process, funds have been awarded for projects focusing on data integration for interdisciplinary research, innovative data management, and demonstrations of practical use of new technologies.

Table of Contents

FY18 Awarded Projects

Additional executive support enabled the funding of two more projects after the initial announcement.


Voting was open from February 6-15 (closing on the 15th at 5pm ET). 

Guidance Document

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titleDownload the FY18 CDI Request for Proposals Guidance

View file

Email with any questions.


The CDI FY18 Proposals Process


The CDI has a unique proposals process where everyone in the community has a voice for commenting and voting on the initial statements of interest in Phase 1.

The highest-ranked ideas by the community move on to Phase 2, where a formal review panel evaluates the full proposals.

You can prepare for this year’s upcoming learn more about the process by checking out the following info:


Email with any questions.

New in FY18

This section is copied from the guidance document. Please pay attention to these important changes this year!

  • The FY18 CDI RFP has a topical emphasis and encourages submissions that support the USGS Integrated Predictive Science Capacity in the specific focus area of risk assessment and hazard-exposure. A portion of the funds will be dedicated to this topic. However, all submissions that follow the CDI Guiding Principles will be considered. See more information in the "FY18 Topical emphasis" in the guidance document or at this FAQ page (*new 1/19/18).
  • The Statement of Interest narrative is a maximum of 1 page. (In FY17 it could be up to 1.5 pages.)
  • In Phase 1 of the RFP, after the deadline for submission of Statements of Interest, an online session for 1-minute lightning talks will be held to help the CDI community to learn about the proposed ideas in preparation for commenting and voting. This session is scheduled for February 6, 2018.
  • This year, the CDI will distribute funds to the lead USGS Science Center only, and the lead Science Center will be in charge of further distributions.
  • A new, streamlined Data Management Plan form is provided for the Full Proposal stage.

Information Session (*added January 16*)

Video Recording link

An information session was held on January 16, 2018, Tuesday, 1:00-2:00pm Eastern.

Summary: In this session we reviewed important information about the Community for Data Integration FY18 Request for Proposals process, including new requirements and considerations this year.

Slides: PDF | PPTX with notes (updated to correct time of the Lightning Session to 1pm ET; recommend to right-click to save-as, not preview in browser)

Estimated Schedule

December 18, 2017

RFP Announcement

January 16, 2018 @ 1pm ET

RFP Information Session

February 1, 2018 @ 5pm ET

Statements of Interest (SOI) Due

February 6, 2018

SOI Presentation Session and Voting Opens

February 15, 2018Comment and Voting Period Closes

February 26, 2018

Invite Full Proposal Submissions

March 22, 2018

Full Proposals Due

April 16, 2018

Awarded Projects Announced

September 30, 2018Awarded Funds must be spent

We realize this is a compressed schedule and we thank you for understanding. 

Related Documents and Forms

Collaboration Forum

One of the ways to improve your CDI Statement of Interest and final proposal is to have cross-Mission Area and cross-Center collaboration. If you have an idea for a CDI proposal but are looking for collaborators in other disciplines or centers to join you, post your idea and contact information on the collaboration forum. By posting your idea there, CDI Coordinators can help facilitate connections. 

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titleFY18 RFP Collaboration Forum

Statement of Interest Lightning Presentation Session

Playback the recording | Slides | Order of Presenters (pdf) | Presenters (xls)

This year, the CDI will be holding an online session for 1-minute lightning talks to help the CDI community learn about the proposed ideas. 

Tuesday, February 6, 1:00-2:30pm Eastern Time, Add to Google Calendar 

Each submission will have one 16:9 slide (no animations - it will be converted to PDF) and 1 minute to share their idea with the community!

Download (optional) slide template (optional): Template (pptx)

Include somewhere on your slide:

  • Title of your submission
  • Your name
  • Your email address

Email your slide to by February 5, COB. Slides will be compiled, converted to PDF, and the presentation order will be sent out first thing on February 6. 


  • Don't over-clutter your slide. 
  • Practice the timing of your 1-minute pitch. You can say a lot in 1 minute if you know exactly what you are going to say.
  • Know your audience - the CDI is very diverse, so avoid specialized jargon.
  • Focus on the gap that your proposal will fill, and the benefit or lessons learned to be passed on to the CDI and the USGS.


  • The session will be recorded.
  • If no one on your project team can make the session, get in contact with

Community Voting Results

Community voting is a factor in the proposals that advance to the Phase 2 Full Proposal phase.
Visit the Phase 1: Statements of Interest page to see the top ranked Statements of Interest from voting.
No later than February 26, we will inform all proposers that advance to Phase 2 from the additional CDI Executive Sponsor and Coordinator recommendations.