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  • For DOI Users:  Username is your email address and your password is your Active Directory password

  • For non-DOI users:  Username is your email address and your password is your myUSGS password   


  • You will be taken proceed to the Account Query Form page

  • Fill in all of the requested information and select Submit  Submit  

  • You will receive an email from myUSGS within 24 hours with your new user account information.


  • Non-DOI users can reset their password at

  • DOI users: Please use your Department of Interior email address and your Active Directory password to log in


  •  Log in to the DMP site as described above

  • Click on DMP List to see the DMPs that you have access to 


  • From the DMP List you can sort columns by the ID number, Project Name or any of the other headings along the top of the table by clicking on the heading to sort/unsort
    This  When clicking the header you will sort each list alphabetically or numerically, and if you click it again it will do it in the reverse order


  •  To perform a search, click in the search box and enter a term, title or keyword

  •  DMP Editor Managers (Admin), Data Stewards, and Organization Managers. There is a link to an advanced search directly below the search box which will take you to DMP Advanced Search page which uses elastic query strings. The elastic query strings with lucene are often 'simply used' by using the connective words 'AND' 'OR'. If you search on Wild Horses, it will return DMPs that contain the words Wild AND Horses. You can narrow your results by adding OrganizationsRecords and Project Names filters. The connective word 'OR' is used with multiple selections within the filter. The connective word 'AND' between each filter. If you search on Wild Horses adding Organizations, Southeast Climate Science Center(SE CSC) OR Western Ecological ResearchCenter (WERC) as well as the Records, New Collection filters. You will return records containing the words Wild AND Horse which will be filtered within Organizations, (SE CSC) OR (WERC) and Records, New Collection.

    However, the link below goes into detail on how to use the lucene reserved characters to create powerful searches:
    The reserved characters are: + - = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ / 

    For a guild guide on how to use lucene click Here.

    Once you have completed your search, the results may be exported as a JSON file as well as a CSV file. The links to export are at the bottom left of the search results if there are multiple results you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to access the links.

How to Edit DMPs

Simple Edits

  • From the DMP List page, click on the Project Name/title for that project

  • To edit the DMP show page, click Edit, or to edit an individual record click on that record

  • The ScienceBase's Project ID is the unique identifier for the project record in ScienceBase

  • The RFP Manager's ID and RFP Manager's Stamp ID are unique identifiers obtained from the RFP Manager tool during the proposal process (see below)


  • Next, either click on the drop-down arrow or begin typing the name of the Co-PI in the Co-PI field, to see if they are already in the list

  • If the Co-PI does not exist in the drop-down list, select + Add New Co-PI

You will be directed to a page that looks like the one belowOnce Records, New Collection is clicked You are directed to the Create PI page. If they already have an account, the information will automatically populate when you enter their email address. 


  • If the Co-PI needs access to the DMP, please request an account and /or edit permission by clicking on the red wording following the error message

  • For more information on how to request an account, see RequestingaNewDMPuseraccount


  • Click on Update to save changes
  • This will send Once an update is complete, an email message is sent to the PI, notifying them that the Data Steward has commented on their DMP

Note: The Co-PIs and designees will not be notified receive notifications

when the Data Steward makes comments on the DMP.


Creating a New DMP


  • Log in

  • Click on +New DMP


  • Enter your project name or ID number if you have it

  • Click on Create on the lower left

  • Continue to fill out the information on the DMP show page including any Co-PIs and add any designee(s) you wish to grant edit permission to


If you are using the NCCWSC DMP word template for maintaining the plan and would like to manage the DMP online, you can upload it into the DMP editor tool. To upload ita template, the template must be a .DOCX document. The NCCWSC template is available at