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  • RFPManager User Help for Managers/Directors

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  • To edit the Reviewer List or add a reviewer to the list, click on Settings on the Review Event Page
  • Then, click on Manage Reviewers under the "Reviewers" box on the right
  • To edit a reviewer, click on the Id # to the left of a reviewer’s name, and then click Edit
  • Edit any fields needed, then click Update
  • To add a new reviewer, click on Add New Reviewer at top of page just below the title
  • Add all of the new reviewer's information, then click Create

          Note: It is recommended that you do not delete reviewers from the list! To remove a reviewer from the reviewer list, do not delete, but instead make them unavailable.


  • If you need to edit the "Submission Dates" - click on Edit at the bottom of the event page; change the "End" date for the submission period to the current date and time

          Note: After you have changed the date, click Update at the bottom of the page.  DO NOT CLICK DELETE! 

  • Make sure you are in the Funding Opportunity event on the Review page; it will say "SOI Reviews" or "Proposal Reviews" at the top of the page after the title of the event
  • If you are completing these steps for the SOI stage, make sure the Submission Dates for the funding opportunity are correct! The email generated by RFP Manager for Accepted SOIs will automatically include the Due Date for proposals based on the End Date for the Proposal Submission Period.
  • If you need to change the dates, click Update to save

          Note: After you have changed the date, click Update at the bottom of the page. DO NOT CLICK DELETE!