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  • CDI RFPManager User Help for Reviewers

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For the CDI Funding Opportunities


Table of Contents

Reviewer Email 

  • Once you have been assigned Statements of Interest (SOI) or full Proposals to review, you will receive an email message containing a link to your Reviewer Dashboard



  • Once you click on the link from the email for the first time, you will be taken to a Reviewer Confidentiality Agreement page. Please read through the entire page and click either I agree or I can NOT agree to continue. 



If you click I agree on the Reviewer Confidentiality Agreement Page: 

Editing Reviewer Contact Information 

  • You will be directed to your reviewer dashboard page.  Click on Complete/Edit Registration at the bottom of the Contact Information box. Blank fields can be completed but this is not necessary. 


Initiate Review

  • To fill out the review forms for an application (Proposal) click on a link in the Additional Forms box located just below the above box. 



  • After clicking on a link, follow the directions on screen to enter scores and/or comments based on the listed criteria.  (The criteria may differ from those shown in the screenshot above.)

        Make sure you select a Review Status (see red arrow above) based on the status of your review for that particular application. If you need to leave and come back to a review,         please mark the status as In Progress.

Complete Review 

        Once you have completed the review, change the Review Status to “Complete” and click Submit at the bottom of the page.

        Clicking Submit will take you back to your Reviewer Dashboard page. You MUST click Submit or Submit then go to Next for your review data to save.

  • Once you have finished with the reviews, you can close the page, or use the Blue EXIT button to return to the CDI website.