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Code Block
# - report criticalArcGIS pythonPython stack for use with ArcGISmodue versions
# exampleExample output:
# ArcGIS install folder: C:\ArcGIS\Desktop10.4Pro\bin\ArcGISPro.exe
# sys.executable: C:\Python27\ArcGISx6410.4\pythonw.exePython 3.5.2
# matplotlib: 1.45.3
# numpy: 1.911.2
# scipy: 0.1518.1
import sys
import os
ff = "{}: {}"
    print("ArcGIS install folder: {}".format(os.environ["AGSDESKTOPJAVA"][:-1])sys.executable)
    print(ff.format("sys.executablePython", sys.executable.version.split("|")[0]))
    import matplotlib
    print(ff.format("matplotlib", matplotlib.__version__))    
    import numpy
    print(ff.format("numpy", numpy.__version__))
    import scipy
    print(ff.format("scipy", scipy.__version__))

B. Create an Anaconda environment for use with ArcGIS


  1. Open the Anaconda prompt (32 or 64, depending on the ArcGIS environment you are integrating with)
  2. Create a compatible environment
    1. 32-bit (ArcMap, ArcCatalog)
      ArcGIS 10.2.2:  "conda create -n arc1022 python=2.7.5 numpy=1.7.1 matplotlib=1.3.0 pyparsing xlrd xlwt"
      ArcGIS 10.3.1:  "conda create -n arc1031 python=2.7.8 numpy=1.7.1 matplotlib=1.3.0 pyparsing xlrd xlwt"
      ArcGIS 10.4.1: "conda create -n arc1041 python=2.7.10 numpy=1.9.2 matplotlib=1.4.3 scipy=0.15.0 pandas pyparsing xlrd xlwt"
      ArcGIS 10.5: "conda create -n arc105 python=2.7.12 numpy=1.9.2 matplotlib=1.4.3  scipy=0.17.0 pandas pyparsing xlrd xlwt"
    2. 64-bit (Background Geoprocessing (x64), ArcGIS Pro
      ArcGIS 10.x x64 background processing: (same as above, from 64 bit prompt, for example:
          "conda create -n arc105x64 python=2.7.12 numpy=1.9.2 matplotlib=1.4.3  scipy=0.17.0 pandas pyparsing xlrd xlwt"
      ArcGIS Pro 1.2: "conda create -n arcpro12 python=3.4.3 numpy=1.9.3 matplotlib=1.4.3 scipy=0.16.0 pandas pyparsing xlrd xlwt"
      ArcGIS Pro 1.3: "conda create -n arcpro13 python=3.4.4 numpy=1.10 matplotlib=1.4.3 scipy=0.16.1 pandas pyparsing xlrd xlwt"
      ArcGIS Pro 2.0: "conda create -n arcpro13 arcpro20 python=3.45.4 2 numpy=1.10 11.2 matplotlib=1.45.3 scipy=0.1618.1 pandas pyparsing xlrd xlwt"
  3. The conda tool will: