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  1. Download the DOI certificate: to your Downloads folder
  2. Open "Anaconda Prompt" window
  3. Set up the certificate to use it with Conda
Code Block
titleWindows Command Prompt
mkdir %USERPROFILE%\.certificates
copy %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\DOIRootCA.crt %USERPROFILE%\.certificates
conda config --set ssl_verify %USERPROFILE%\.certificates\DOIRootCA.crt


If you plan to use the pip utility to download and install packages not included in the Conda distribution, set up a certificate for pip:


Code Block
titleWindows Command Prompt
mkdir %APPDATA%\pip
pushd %APPDATA%\pip
echo [global] > pip.ini
echo cert=%USERPROFILE%\.certificates\DOIRootCA.cert >> pip.ini


(Or you can just look at the list below under B.)

Code Block
titlePython script for ArcGIS Python window
# - report ArcGIS Python moduemodule versions
# Example output:
#   C:\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\ArcGISPro.exe
#   Python 3.5.2
#   matplotlib 1.5.3
#   numpy 1.11.2
#   scipy 0.18.1
import sys
import os
ff = "{} {}"
    print(ff.format("Python", sys.version.split("|")[0]))
    import matplotlib
    print(ff.format("matplotlib", matplotlib.__version__))
    import numpy
    print(ff.format("numpy", numpy.__version__))
    import scipy
    print(ff.format("scipy", scipy.__version__))


Open an Anaconda command window and load the virtual environment.


Code Block
titleAnaconda command prompt
C:\Users\cprice> conda info --envs
# conda environments:
arc1041                  D:\Users\cprice\Miniconda2\envs\arc1041
root                  *  D:\Users\cprice\Miniconda2
D:\Users\cprice>activate arc1041
Activating environment "arc1041"...
[arc1022] D:\Users\cprice> conda list
# packages in environment at D:\Users\cprice\Miniconda2\envs\arc1041:
dateutil                  2.4.1                    py27_0
matplotlib                1.3.0                np17py27_0
numpy                     1.7.1                    py27_3


Specifying the list of module versions (ARCLIST)  here ensures the environment will still work with ArcGIS 10.4.1.

Code Block
titleAnaconda command prompt
set ARCLIST=python=2.7.10 numpy=1.9.2 matplotlib=1.4.3 scipy=0.16.0 pandas pyparsing xlrd xlwt
conda install -n arc1041 %ARCLIST% jupyter spyder
The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED: