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PRIMR 1.9.5 8/23/2017


  • [PRIMR-1468] - MissingPropertyException when working with Survey Templates

PRIMR 1.9.4 8/8/2017


  • [PRIMR-1007] - Printing the entire contents of Survey record and also saving it as a PDF
  • [PRIMR-1387] - Excel export for office admin
  • [PRIMR-1421] - Sweep primr for improper use of user region
  • [PRIMR-1440] - List should be sorted alphanumeric - Survey Products
  • [PRIMR-1441] - Annual Survey output - add reason
  • [PRIMR-1442] - Highlight Required Fields Persist After Save
  • [PRIMR-1443] - Add Category to Partner Level 1
  • [PRIMR-1444] - Allow the PRIMR Survey Service to be queried by a region id paramater
  • [PRIMR-1445] - References to /ecosCommon webservices need to be changed to /ec
  • [PRIMR-1451] - Automate publishing of 2 OGC Web Feature Service layers from PRIMR data
  • [PRIMR-1452] - Get Unit tests passing on Jenkins
  • [PRIMR-1453] - Modify PRIMR REST services - Use Indefinite/TBD strings, not 9999/9998
  • [PRIMR-1463] - Update Jasper Ad-hoc report to reflect missing colums



  • [PRIMR-1378] - Add hyperlink to the ES Status Codes page on the ESA Species Report
  • [PRIMR-1438] - Change header label to PRIMR and update breadcrumbs
  • [PRIMR-1439] - Undeploy
  • [PRIMR-1446] - Delete BUTTE SINK NWR from Survey Summary Report
  • [PRIMR-1447] - Hard Delete - Not Active Records - so not shown in VIEW ALL SURVEYS
  • [PRIMR-1448] - Station appears in Survey Summary Report after DELETING station using MANAGE REFUGES
  • [PRIMR-1450] - Survey ID label in Ad-hoc
  • [PRIMR-1464] - Limit web feature service data for Surveys to include only Complete surveys, that are Accessible to Anyone


  • [PRIMR-1426] - Occasional "row was updated or deleted by another transaction" exceptions
  • [PRIMR-1427] - Occasional Illegal State Exception when exporting Surveys to csv
  • [PRIMR-1428] - Delete the obsolete summary report
  • [PRIMR-1429] - PRIMR application Error
  • [PRIMR-1462] - Order by Refuge doesn't work for the geojson web service
  • [PRIMR-1465] - Offices not populated when creating a Goal from the PRIMR home page