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Description: A group to make connections, share information, and catalyze collaboration on work related to environmental DNA (eDNA) methods, tools, data handling, and resources

Purpose: The purpose of the group is to develop a community of practice for people who interested in the use of eDNA techniques in order to improve communication, share knowledge, and catalyze collaboration.

Points Of Contact: Co-Leads ~ Jason Ferrante (, Damian Menning (, and Chris Merkes (

Membership is open to anyone. If you are interested in joining this group, please fill out this form  We will use it to build notification and email lists.


To post to the Forums on this Wiki you will need to log in to the myUSGS Confluence site (there is a Log In option in the upper-right of the screen).  Those of you in the Department of Interior will use your full email address and Active Directory password to log in.  Those of you outside of the Department of Interior please request access for this CoP specifically by signing up at to get added to the Wiki access list.  You will see an email from myUSGS Confluence with subject "[myUSGS Confluence] Account password" - please follow the directions to set your password and access the Wiki.

Members, please update your contact information in the membership sharepoint sheet.

See this page for a block of member email addresses that you can cut-and-paste

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Environmental DNA Technical Exchange Workshops

Examples of recent eDNA data releases

eDNA Webinars

Please let us know if you are aware of any other eDNA-related webinars that would be open to general participation or if you would like to host a webinar here by emailing Jason Ferrante (, Damian Menning (, or Chris Merkes (


1) We're pleased to announce a term fish biologist position (GS-482-09) at the USFWS Northeast Fishery Center in Lamar, PA. This position will focus on the application of genetic tools including use of environmental DNA to detect and monitor fish populations, with an emphasis on native (including coregonids, lake sturgeon, and lake trout) and introduced species within the Great Lakes region. Responsibilities will include development and use of qPCR markers, genome sequencing, metabarcoding, and other genetic applications along with data analysis and interpretation. Additional duties will include field work to obtain samples monitor populations and supporting hatchery culture for fish propagation efforts.  The position is open to accept applications from 8/2/2021 to 8/6/2021.

 Position number: R5-21-11187128-CU-DE

2) New Graduate Research Assistantship.  Start date: Aug 16th, 2021. M.S. Assistantship: Climate adaptation in Yukon River fisheries: A robust alternative approach to assess salmon run size using environmental DNA.  For more information about the project, please email Andrés López ( or Erik Schoen ( 

23) From Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Guidance on the Use of Targeted Environmental DNA (eDNA) Analysis for the Management of Aquatic Invasive Species and Species at Risk.

Calendar of Events

Please contact Jason Ferrante (, Damian Menning (, or Chris Merkes ( if you would like to have an event added to the Calendar.

eDNA Community Forum

Please feel free to use the eDNA Community Forum to ask questions, initiate new discussions with this group, or browse the forum and comment on existing items.

Sub-forums - please contact Jason Ferrante (, Damian Menning (, or Chris Merkes ( if you have an idea for starting a new Topic or Sub-forum within an existing topic.

Recent Forum Questions: Help each other out by responding to your peer's questions. Just click on the Q to be redirected to the forum.

1) Has anyone has successfully used Zymo's RNA/DNA Shield to preserve eDNA filters at room temperature...?

USGS CDI eDNA COP Mendeley group

Please join our Mendeley Group and feel free to upload/download any eDNA papers you have/want to your personal Mendeley account.

Recent publications from our members!

1) "Metabarcoding of environmental samples suggest wide distribution of eelgrass (Zostera marina) pathogens in the north Pacific" published in Metabarcoding and Metagenomics.  Available for downloading at: Menning DM, Gravley HA, Cady MN, Pepin D, Wyllie-Echeverria S, Ward DH, Talbot SL (2021) Metabarcoding of environmental samples suggest wide distribution of eelgrass (Zostera marina) pathogens in the north Pacific. Metabarcoding and Metagenomics 5: e62823.

2) "Estimating the genetic diversity of Pacific salmon and trout using multigene eDNA metabarcoding" published in Molecular Ecology. Available for downloading at Reference: Weitemier K, Penaluna BE, Hauck LL, Longway LJ, Garcia T, Cronn R. Estimating the genetic diversity of Pacific salmon and trout using multigene  eDNA metabarcoding. Mol Ecol. (2021) 00:1–21.

3) “Influence of sediment and stream transport on detecting a source of environmental DNA” published in PLOS ONE, an open access journal. Available for downloading at  Reference: Nevers MB, Przybyla-Kelly K, Shively D, Morris CC, Dickey J & Byappanahalli MN (2021). Influence of sediment and stream transport on detecting a source of environmental DNA. PLOS ONE 15: e0244086.

CoP Monthly Meetings/Newsletters 

A monthly Newsletter to highlight new publications, webinars/presentations, conferences, and updates from each of our Sub-Forums.  Add your 2 cents to list of agenda items and activities the community might take by leaving a comment on the page.