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Meeting Recordings

Some meetings are recorded, and are available to CDI Members. Please log in to view the recording in the table below. If you would like to become a member of CDI, submit your request at

DateTopic and Speaker
2021 March 25

AWS ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry) 

Last meeting also asked "anyone using gitlab package registry?" Please join us and share your experiences and questions 

2021 February 25What artifact management solutions are USGS software developers using? Ex: Public NPM repos, GitHub releases, GitLab artifacts/packages/registries
2021 January 28

Cloud migration of existing scientific processing applications - Mike Hearne, Heather Schovanec, and Kirstie Haynie, USGS

“So you want to build a decision support tool? Assessing successes, pitfalls, and lessons learned for tool design and development”. - Nicole Herman-Mercer, Amanda Cravens, Amanda Stoltz, and Sophie Hou, USGS and Contractor to USGS

2020 October 22

Agile, Michelle Guy, USGS

Agile and Usability, Sophie Hou, Contractor to USGS

2020 August 27

Synthetic data and build process for AI imagery and deep learning methods - Daniel Beckman, USGS

2020 June 25Using Serverless and GitLab CI/CD to Continuously Deliver AWS Step Functions - Carl Schroedl, USGS
2020 May 28

Data Warehouse with Redshift (Configuration Management Committee example) - Cassandra Ladino, USGS

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) with Glue - Jeremy Newson, USGS

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2020 April 23

FastAPI and You – Brandon Serna, USGS

Flask vs. FastAPI – Jeremy Fee, USGS

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CDI Software Development_FLASKandFAST_API_20200423.mp4

2020 March 26

Getting Started on the Cloud: Example Workflow for Running USGS Slab2 Models - Kirstie Haynie, USGS

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2020 February 28

Swagger and Micronaut - Jeremy Fee, USGS

Water Quality Data Portal example - Jim Kreft, USGS - "API Development for Everyone" - "A modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications."

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2020 January 24

Software Policies You Should Know - Cassandra Ladino, USGS

O365 Tips and Tricks

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2019 October 24

Software Release and Inventories, Eric Martinez, USGS

CDI Statements of Interest related to Software - Aaron Fox and Steve Fick, USGS

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2019 September 26Databases and Beyond!
2019 August 22CDI FY20 Request For Proposals - funding awarded, up to $50k
2019 July 25Deeper dive into containers and docker, Water Mission Area and NGTOC, Carl Schroedl and Ivan Suftin, USGS
2019 June 27CDI Workshop Report Out
2019 May 23Docker Basics for Code Development
2019 April 25Collaboration through the Software Dev Cluster, Desktop Installers and Script Signing, Cassandra Ladino
2019 March 28Brainstorming and planning for the 2019 CDI Annual Workshop
2019 February 28Cloud and Big Data in the Cloud, Cassandra Ladino and Group Discussion
2018 October 25Migrating projects from other git repositories to, Eric Martinez and Group Discussion
2018 August 30

Git, a deeper dive, George Rolston

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2018 July 26

Git Primer, including Git Fork and Feature Branch Workflow, Carl Schroedl 

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Download the meeting recording (.mp4)

2018 May 31

Software Licensing Aspects, Leon Foks

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2018 April 26Improving the development experience on Windows using HyperV and the Windows Subsystem for Linux, Scott Lewein

2018 March 29

USGS EDGE (Equipment Development Grade Evaluation) : What is it, how does it apply to you, and why you may be interested in participating. Chris Johnson

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2018 February 22

508 Compliance for websites/web applications: Challenges and Approaches, Rob Miller

2018 January 28

Summary of USGS HPC/HTC Workshop, USGS EDGE (Equipment and Development Grade Evaluation) program, Michelle Guy

2017 November 30

Discussion of goals and future topics for the Software Development Cluster

2017 November 02

Gitlab discussion, Eric Martinez

2017 September 28

Inaugural meeting for the Software Development Cluster