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Criteria, Institutions, all Contacts, Principal Investigators and Reviewers should all be added in detail before starting an RFP or proposal when possible. All of these areas are drop down selections within the setup RFP and Proposal forms. You find them under the Manage section of the landing page


Adding a New Contact, Coordinator, PI and Reviewer

Note: All fields that are required are indicated by *.


  • Click all Contacts:.
  • On the Contact List page in the navigation bar click + New Contact.
  • Select the Type: Contact, Coordinator, PI, or Reviewer.
  • Enter contact Email.
    Note: Entering a known email address will automatically populate the fields.
  • Fill in desired Contact Name.
  • Fill in desired Contact Organization.
  • Fill in desired Contact Title.
  • Fill in desired Contact Phone.

Adding a New Principal Investigator from PI List 

On the home page under Manage


  • Click +New RFP.
    Note: All fields that are required are indicated by *.
  • Select a grant Type from the drop down.
  • Enter a Fiscal Year.
    Note: Use the 4 digit year XXXX.
  • The RFP Stage is moved through the work flow using the buttons at the bottom of the RFP.
    The first stage will start at Setup.
    Note: Once you have moved past a stage you can open the RFP and change the Stage back to one you may have moved past.
  • Enter the Budget that you will be working with.
  • Select a Criteria from the drop down list. (See Adding a new criteria: to add to the list).
  • Select all the Reviewers that will be reviewing the proposals. (See Adding a new contact, Coordinator, PI  PI and Reviewer: to add to the list).
  • Click Create to save your entries.
  • Click Cancel to delete all entries and go back to your previous screen.
  • After the RFP is created you will click Open Proposal Submissions in order to add proposals.
  • Click OK to move this RFP to the next Stage to allow Proposal Submissions.