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Goal 1 - Conserve HabitatConservation of habitat through on the ground reportable accomplishments or technical assistance.
Goal 2 - Broaden & Strengthen ParntershipsPartnershipsWork completed to broaden and strengthen partnerships to efficiently achieve voluntary habitat restoration on private lands through financial and technical assistance for the benefit of Federal Trust resources.
Goal 3 - Improve Info Sharing & Communication

Effectively sharing information with partners, decision-makers, the scientific community, and the public, and also effectively listening to the priorities and needs of others in order to build trust with landowners and other key partners.

Goal 4 - Enhance our Workforce

Acquiring or improving skills that support project managers unique skill set so that they can act with integrity to build trust and successful partnerships as well as have the necessary technical skills to lead the design and implementation of habitat restoration projects in often complex and sensitive environments.

Goal 5 - Increase AccountabilityEnsure that habitat restoration projects being implemented are successful according to their project objectives.

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