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The purpose of this June/July 2019 survey was to gather information about agency readiness in provisioning data in a form suitable for use in Artificial Intelligence, and use the information to formulate a maturity matrix.  Data in a form suitable for AI use we call "analytics-ready data", a concept that is tightly connected to Open Data policies, Cloud First government initiatives, and American leadership in Artificial Intelligence. The survey assesses federal agency progress toward making available high-priority datasets in a form that are “AI-ready” and in the use and creation of new, integrated datasets serving societal benefits. Fifty-three (53) participants responded to the AI survey, a number while on the low side, is still sufficient to derive general principles for the first iteration of the maturity matrix.  It should also be noted that response rates to each question were between 50 and 75%, this could indicate that AI is still an emerging field in government and many were unable to provide responses. 22 17 unique agencies/bureaus /departments combinations are represented and another 18 respondents chose not to report their affiliation. The survey results will act as a baseline assessment of the current state of government for informing the content and its granularity for the maturity matrix.


Q19. Please tell us the name of your agency, subordinate bureau, or office. (optional)

  • DHHS / CDC (x2)
  • DHHS NIH (x2)
  • VA / Veterans Health Administration
  • VA / Cooperative Studies Program
  • USDA
  • USDA / Agriculture Research Service (x3)
  • USDA / Economic Research Service
  • USDA / Forest Service (x3)
  • DHHS NIH (x2)
  • DOI USGS (x3)
  • DOS / USAID Bureau for Management (x2)
  • DOC / NOAA DOI (x4x2)
  • DOI / BOEM (x3)
  • DOI USGS (x2x3)
  • DOC / NIST (x2)
  • SmithsonianDOC / NOAA (x4)
  • DOE Office of Science (x3)
  • Smithsonian
  • NASA

Matrix Notes

Major Take-aways from Survey: