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WebEx Recording and Playback


Watch Ricardo's Webex Recording on "How To Record a Meeting Within Webex"!


ARF files can be converted to Windows Media File (.wmv) format or to Flash (.swf) format through the WebEx Network Recording Player.  The Player is available by logging into WebEx, clicking on the "Meeting Center" tab, and clicking on "Support", "Downloads", and "Recording and Playback".


An important thing to note: only the Host can start a meeting recording. The host will be noted in the Webex window with Host in parentheses next to their name. The main host is always the person that created the Webex meeting in the first place but there can be alternate hosts that are permitted to start the meeting. If an alternate host starts the meeting then at that time they are the host and they can start the recording however if the person who originally created the Webex meeting joins the meeting they will automatically become the host. However, anyone can become the host by selecting Participant from the top of the Webex window and selecting Reclaim Host Role. At that point you will need to enter the Host Key which is available on the Working Group / Focus Group meeting page. Alternatively, the host can make you the host by right-clicking on your name, selecting Change Role To and clicking Host.


This image applies if you phone bridge does not require a confirmation of the access code.


  • In about 30 minutes, the meeting host will get an email. This will include a link to the recording on Webex's servers that will play if you follow it. Please download this .arf file from your webex admin account under Host a Meeting -> My Recorded Meetings and upload it to the Archive - Webex Player Installation Files page under Resources. Then link to this in an email to your attendees
  • Clicking on the link starts a Webex player that shows the movie.
  • Please do not leave recordings on the site for a long period, as there is limited storage. When you can, please download and delete the recording from the webex site. If the recording needs to be accessible to others, the downloaded .arf file can be converted to .wmv format using the WebEx Network Recording Player and posted anywhere, for example the USGS SharePoint site.