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Meeting summaries and links in reverse chronological order.

2019 September 10 - An Application of Google’s Tensorflow for a Cannabis Production Inventory in Northern California

2019 August 13 - Continuous streamflow and nearshore wave monitoring from time-lapse cameras using deep neural networks.

  • Daniel Buscombe (Northern Arizona University) described a proof-of-concept study into designing and implementing a single deep learning framework that can be used for both stream gaging and wave gauging from appropriate time-series of imagery.
  • Recording for 2019-08-13 Part 1 
  • Recording for 2019-08-13 Part 2 

2019 June 11 - Strategic Science Planning at USGS

  • Pete Doucette provided a review of recent Strategic Science Planning at USGS. This included thoughts captured from the 21st Century Science Update
    Workshop at NCTC, and the CDI Workshop in Boulder, CO, held May and June 2019.
  • Recording for 2019-06-11

2019 May 14 - XGBoost in Continuous Change Detection and Classification (CCDC); Deep learning to quantify benthic habitat

  • Announcements (Pete Doucette)
    • Pete and other members of an AI/ML focus group presented to the USGS Executive Leadership Team at the end of March. Associate Directors are enthusiastic about incorporating AI/ML into their mission area research.
    • Don't forget the CDI workshop is happening June 4-7, 2019 in Boulder Colorado, tomorrow, May 15 is the last day for registration. Virtual participation links will be posted on the Workshop Page by the week before the workshop.
    • The AI/ML group leads are still interested in collecting an inventory of your AI/ML projects to share with interested USGS leadership. You can fill out the form here.
  • XGBoost in Continuous Change Detection and Classification (CCDC) - Chris Barber, USGS EROS
  • Deep learning to quantify benthic habitat - Peter Esselman, USGS Great Lakes Science Center
  • Recording for 2019-05-14

2019 April 9 - no meeting

2019 March 12 - Infrastructure for Deep Learning at the USGS; AI for Ecosystem Services

2019 February 12 - Innovation Center Opportunities and AI and Land Imaging

2018 December 11 - Inaugural Meeting