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Meeting summaries and links in reverse chronological order.

2020 April 14 - Fine scale mapping of water features at the national scale using machine learning analysis of high-resolution satellite images:  Application of the new AI-ML natural resource software - DELTA

Michael Furlong, NASA-Ames Intelligent Robotics Group
Jack Eggleston, USGS WMA Hydrologic Remote Sensing Branch
John Stock, USGS Innovation Center

Abstract: The availability of high-resolution satellite imagery, combined with machine learning analysis to rapidly process the satellite imagery, provides the USGS with a new capability to map natural resources at the national scale.  The new capability is made possible by technology progress in these areas:

1 - Daily national imagery at <1 to 5 m pixel size from commercial providers

2 - High-performance computing (USGS high-performance computing or Cloud)

3 - Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI-ML) tools to automatically process the imagery

USGS is working to build enterprise capability in each of these 3 areas and has a growing focus on development of AI-ML tools.  In this presentation, two USGS projects that rely on collaborations with external partners to develop AI/ML tools to map water extent will be discussed. In one of these projects USGS is collaborating with the NASA-Ames Intelligent Robotics Group to use its Deep Earth Learning Training, and Analysis (DELTA) software.  The DELTA software will be presented including description of its early implementation on the USGS TallGrass supercomputing system.

2019 November 12 - AI/ML in USGS enabled by Tallgrass: classifying golden eagle behavior using telemetry