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2020 May 12 - Amazon SageMaker

Recording: 2020-05-12-CDI-AIML-recording.mp4

Speaker bios:
Inseok Heo is a data scientist in Envision Engineering AWS.
Inseok received a PhD from the department of Electrical Engineering in the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2015. He specializes in speech and audio signal processing and machine learning. In his career, he developed and worked on single/multi channel noise reduction, beamforming, and Alexa wakeword recognition/detection for Amazon Echo device.

Amogh Gaikwad is a Solutions Architect, specializing in AI/ML, for AWS Federal customers and is part of the specialist team for Analytics. Prior to his role at AWS, Amogh has worked as a software developer, developing enterprise applications. Through his role at AWS his has created ML solutions to help federal customers migrate their AI/ML workloads to AWS.
Amogh has received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science specializing in Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning from George Mason University

Phillip Dawson is a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Volcano Science Center, focusing on theoretical and experimental investigations of active volcanism and volcanic processes. He currently works on the Seismology of Magmatic Injection project at the California Volcano Observatory, Menlo Park, California. This project is dedicated to understanding the underlying physics driving volcanic seismicity and processes through the use of detailed field experiments and the application, modification, and extension of existing seismic methods and theories.