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  • Pinedale Anticline Data Management System (PADMS) Operator Manual

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Status Reports

Please see the Data Dictionaries section of the manual which provides the definitions for each field contained within the data forms.


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Examples of Completed Data Forms

Completed Frequency Data Form

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Frequency Data Formats Accepted Per Field

Required Fields
Site Name: Alphanumeric
Transect Number: Alphanumeric
Reference Location: Alphanumeric
Collection Date: mm/dd/yyyy, will not accept any date prior to 01/01/1990
Data Source: Alphanumeric
Operator: Alphanumeric
Observer: Alphanumeric
Recorder: Alphanumeric
Plant Species Symbol: Alphanumeric, only species symbols accepted
Quadrats 1 – 50: Numeric range 0 – 1 0 = Absent 1 = Present

Optional Field
Comments: Alphanumeric

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