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Supervisor, Niobrara County Weed & Pest Control District
P.O. Box 957
Lusk, Wyoming 82225

For more information, call: 307-334-3373. Applications can be emailed to

The Supervisor, will hereby act as Chief Administrator for the District and shall have the following general responsibilities and authority under the direction of the District Board of Directors. The duties listed are not meant to be all inclusive. This position is open until it is filled.

1. Job Summary: 

The Supervisor shall carry out the District’s programs in accordance with applicable Federal and/or State laws and regulations and policies of the District as adopted by the Board. The Supervisor shall be knowledgeable of all applicable Federal and State laws, rules and regulations that may be pertinent to the operation of the District.

2. Job Duties: 

The Supervisor shall oversee all day-to-day operations of the District as required or directed by the Board, including but not limited to:

A. Maintain property, equipment, office and chemical inventories;


P. The supervisor shall complete the NAISMA Weed Free Product Inspectors training

3. General:

A. The Supervisor is normally expected to work Monday through Friday. Hours of labor are according to need and the work to be done therefore may not be a customary 8-hour day and will be governed on a day-to-day basis.


F. The Supervisor should possess the basic computer skills necessary to operate QuickBooks accounting software, word processing skills, general knowledge of GIS mapping and other skills necessary for efficient computer function and use.

Experience: Specialized training in weed and pest control. Must obtain/have a commercial license and must become a certified Supervisor.

The employee in this position understands that they are an “at will" employee and employment may be terminated or suspended within the contract year for any reasonable basis but to include cases of insubordination, lack of work, or funding for the position.

Send applications to:

Niobrara County Weed & Pest Control District
P.O. Box 957
Lusk, Wy. 82225

Or email them to: