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Project Topic


Resources Required

Major Outcomes

Total Funding Needed

USGS Citizen Science Workshop

-- Plan workshop
-- Conduct workshop
-- Prepare and publish workshop materials (products)
-- Set up & populate Website

-- x FTE/$ TBD for Program Committee (in-kind?)
-- x FTE/$ TBD for local staff logistical support (in-kind?)
-- Travel funds for invited speakers
-- Funds to host event (at hotel? at DFC?)
-- 0.1 FTE/$ TBD K (12 months) post-Workshop coordination
-- x FTE/$ TBD to set-up/host website

-- Workshop
-- USGS-series workshop report (including, e.g., extended abstracts, posters, presentations, white paper(s), general meeting notes); OFR or SIR
-- White paper(s) (separate or included in Workshop report)
-- Proposed guidance on Crowd-sourced Citizen Science relative to USGS Volunteer Handbook
-- Best practices handbook/document(s)
-- FY2013 Powell Center proposal
-- New CSWG focus groups
-- Informational website
-- Presentation of findings to 2012 PPSR PSCC Conference

-- Pre-workshop planning:  $ TBD K
-- Workshop logistics (execution):  $ TBD K
-- Travel expenses (invited speakers; planning committee): $ TBD K
-- Post-workshop support:  $ TBD K
-- Publication of workshop report:  $ TBD K
-- Travel expenses to 2012 PPSR PSCC Conference


-- Total:  $ TBD K


  • Workshop Report: 50-60 pages; USGS-series publication (OFR or SIR)
  • Website: Public/Extranet/Intranet to hold and share key information & documents
  • Workshop documents: Presentations, white paper(s), etc., posted to CDI-CSWG wiki
  • Presentation (Report of Findings) to Participatory Science for Conservation Conference (PSCC), Aug. 4-5, Portland OR (ESA Annual Meeting)

General Ideas

  • The focus should be on shedding light on existing projects within USGS and partners, and educating others on how citizen science could help their studies/research
  • What can we glean/learn from existing projects in all the areas of interest?
  • Invite speakers from well established projects outside the USGS/partners realm (since many other groups are leaps ahead)
  • Those attending would learn how to set up new projects, technical aspects of citizen science projects (data management, standards adoption, technology choices, novel approaches), case studies of existing projects, dealing with challenges and breaking down barriers within the USGS and in the science world.
  • Establish new CSWG focus groups and identify areas for future development and attention through the working group
    • Policy barriers
    • Best practices
    • Discovery/"Show and tell"
    • Training group