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  • What is a BioData Project and How do I get one?
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What is a BioData Project?

The BioData system is organized by Projects and Samples. The BioData Project exists to handle data permissions, allow easy access to samples, assist in enforcement of business rules, and for documentation, management and monitoring of data collection activities. The project is also useful for data retrieval.
Functions of the BioData Project:
  • Establishes data ownership and responsibility
  • Determines data entry and editing rights
  • Used by scientists for sample management and organization
  • Allow Project staff to set default values and units
  • Provides descriptive information for data distribution

Project Owners and Staff edit settings in the Project Profile - see Project Profiles and Default Values



How do I Request a Project?

We can quickly set a BioData Project up for you. Please Contact us with your request.

We would like to have a conversation with you to make sure everything is in place and you can use the system quickly and efficiently. Here is the what we will discuss:

  1. Sample methods: Does the system support the sample types/protocols that you use?
  2. Labs: Are the invertebrate and algae labs and lab procedures set up in the system?
  3. Who owns and is responsible for the data - Project Owner and Science Center
  4. Project name and label



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