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Local government and critical infrastructure


Los Angeles County


Bridges, dams, water tanks, monuments, buildings




Monitoring and inspection prioritization



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Carrie Wiley, IT Systems



In 2002, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (LADPW) was one of the first agencies to implement and test the ShakeCast system. It was originally used by the Earthquake Bridge Inspection Teams to prioritize inspections after an earthquake along emergency disaster routes.

Prior to implementing ShakeCast, it was necessary to dispatch teams for all events M4.5 or greater. With the prioritized inspection lists that ShakeCast now provides LADPW in the minutes after an earthquake, teams need only be sent to the bridges with the greatest likelihood of damage in minor earthquakes, saving the time and resources it takes to complete a thorough inspection of all affected bridges.

As ShakeCast has been upgraded—adding features such as advanced setup configurations, HTML emails, and customized notification reports—LADPW ShakeCast has been expanded beyond bridge monitoring. Over 5000 county facilities are now managed using ShakeCast, including dams, water tanks, buildings, and survey monuments.

Nearly 150 personnel within LADPW now receive alerts via ShakeCast, representing all aspects of emergency response: administrators, inspectors, engineers, and coordinators.