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Critical lifeline utility, local government


San Francisco East Bay Area


Hundreds of dams, pipelines, control buildings, structures


Custom, based on spectral correction


Situational awareness, response, planning, mitigation



Contact Info

Xavier Irias, Director of Engineering & Construction



Every day, the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) faces the daunting task of maintaining 30 dams and over 4000 miles of pipe, all constructed along the Hayward Fault, which has produced earthquakes as strong as M7.0 within the last 150 years.

Using ShakeMap scenarios in ShakeCast, EBMUD is able to evaluate the responses of their facilities and system to such an event.

If a major earthquake occurs in the area, ShakeCast sends out customized alerts to managers, inspectors and other key employees that prioritize sites for inspection. EBMUD cleverly integrates ShakeCast with their own in-house response system, Marconi, which keeps track of available personnel. This allows the highest priority sites and facilities to be inspected within hours of an earthquake.

As a provider of critical utilities to over 4 million people, every minute after an earthquake is crucial to EBMUD and ShakeCast is a tool to ensure resources are used effectively and efficiently during an emergency situation.




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